The Nigerian fashion market is important to us – Riem Ali Taha, Suntex AG CEO

Suntex AG, an organization that plans, produces, and conveys weavings and prints, is establishing a connection with the Nigerian and African texture markets.

Suntex AG Chief Riem Ali Taha expressed that they will be searching for chances to grow.

“The Nigerian market is essential to us in light of the fact that most of our items and plans depend on the different culture and way of life of its kin, from the north toward the south.” We are notable for the excellent of our Swiss Voile textures. We have our own mysterious that we integrate into the Voile materials. “This has developed into a significant piece of Nigerian culture, getting far reaching consideration from artistic expression, plan, and quality,” she said.

Suntex AG, she added, makes chic Swiss Materials for Africa’s different practices, spend significant time in Cotton Voile. This incorporates materials, for example, African Voile Weavings, Prints, Jacquards, Brocade, Guinea Brocade, Atiku, Lamé, and Turbans, as indicated by her.

“We plan to acquire insight and more clients in the Nigerian design industry over the course of the following couple of years, including the North-Eastern and West African markets, as well as African customers in African metropolitan urban areas,” Taha added.

As indicated by her, the Nigerian material industry is resuscitating, and Suntex AG is here to help the endeavors previously being made by the public authority and central participants. She referenced that the organization has redesigned its weaving plant in Switzerland to satisfy the developing market’s needs.