The Unknown History of Charles Manson’s Son Valentine Michael Manson Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wikipedia, Who, Nationality, Biography

Who is Valentine Michael Manson?

Valentine Michael Manson was born on April 15, 1968, in Los Angeles, California, USA, and is most known as the son of cult leader Charles Manson, who was in charge of the Manson family. Many of the group’s members, including his mother, Mary Brunner, would be arrested as a result of a succession of murders.

Valentine Michael Manson’s Net worth

Valentine Michael Manson’s net worth is predicted to be more than $100,000 as of early 2020, gained from success in his many activities. He has spent the majority of his life avoiding the spotlight and his father’s reputation, even adopting his mother’s. His professional history is unknown.

The Manson Family are Valentine’s parents

Valentine’s father, Charles Manson, was a lifelong criminal who was frequently imprisoned for minor offenses. He came to San Francisco, California, shortly after his release from prison, and when he couldn’t find work, he began begging. During this time, he met Valentine’s mother, library assistant Mary Brunner, and his charm won her over. They would shortly begin living together.

After a while, Charles persuaded Mary that they should invite others to their home, and they began driving across California, inviting largely young ladies who were enticed by the hippie lifestyle and communal living.

The family journeyed across the US Southwest, and she ultimately fell pregnant – Valentine was delivered while the family was sleeping in a run-down house in Topanga Canyon, due to Charles’ hatred of any of his “family” members going to hospitals. Police discovered his mother and a bunch of naked ‘family members’ resting in a ditch inside a bus when he was only a few weeks old; all of them were arrested but later released. Valentine was also discovered there in deplorable conditions, and the police took him away, charging his mother with contributing to a minor’s delinquency.

Murders by the Manson Family

Valentine’s grandparents became increasingly anxious after the initial arrests that this family was on the verge of something considerably worse. Charles began to believe in himself as a reincarnation of Christ, spouting a slew of self-serving beliefs and doctrines. Many of his followers fell for his charm because he was very effective at influencing people, frequently using sex to recruit or win favors.

Valentine was adopted by his grandparents after his mother was arrested, and they gave him the name Michael Brunner to distance him from his father.

Later, several Manson family members allegedly murdered music teacher Hinman for allegedly refusing to join the family and provide them access to his resources. While details vary, Manson is said to have been behind the entire affair and later used his humor to try to cover up his family’s actions. More murders followed, ending in the killing of pregnant actress Sharon Tate, and after Charles was apprehended by police, the family proceeded on a crime spree, accompanied by protests, in an attempt to release him or, at the very least, have the death sentence commuted. When they were apprehended, his mother was involved in a firefight in Hawthorne, California, and was sentenced to life in prison.

The Fallout from the Murders

Valentine Michael was away from his parents at the time of the killings and was taken in by his grandparents. He grew up in a much better setting, raised by his grandparents, whom he considers to be his parents because of the affection he received. His mother was condemned to life in prison but was eventually released on parole in the late 1970s due to good behavior.

After her release, she retreated from public view, and nothing is known about her, however, she reconnected with her kid, with Valentine characterizing his relationship with his mother as something close to siblings in a rare interview.

He couldn’t stop others from discovering his father’s identity, which resulted in a lot of bullying. He even received threats from time to time, which were quickly dealt with by the authorities.

The Last Sighting

As the 1990s approached, Valentine remained Charles’s lone living son, despite the fact that he had two elder children, both of whom were also born from Manson family members. Charles Jr., the eldest, allegedly committed suicide while on vacation. Throughout his life, he struggled to understand and move away from his father’s conduct, especially because he bore his father’s name.

Charles’ second son vanished from public view, and little is known about him. However, records indicate that he died somewhere during his adulthood.

Valentine, as an adult, realized that he would never be able to escape his father’s legacy, so he approached the media to clear the air. In one of his final interviews and public appearances, he stated that his grandparents were his biological parents. He changed his name and refused to be identified with Charles Manson in any way, destroying any letters sent to him from prison, yet he appears to be close to his mother.

Personal Life

There hasn’t been much information regarding his life since then.

Valentine Michael is reported to have married and has children, though information about them is unclear due to his lack of public appearances, except that he recognized how vital it is to stay as a family and take care of a child.

Charles Manson died in 2017 as a result of complications from colon cancer. Following his death, at least three people came forward, claiming to have a copy of his last will and testament. Valentine did not attend these ceremonies because he had no interest in anything related to his biological father. The three contestants for his body and estate were all related to Charles in some way. Charles’ grandson, Jason Freeman, the son of his eldest son, Charles Jr., eventually won the lawsuit.