‘The View’ Host Ana Navarro Reveals Why She Never Had Kids Despite Trying IVF: ‘It Was Too Late’

Ana Navarro is opening up about the reason why she never had children.

The co-host of The View revealed on Wednesday’s episode of the ABC daytime show that she recently attempted to have a baby through in vitro fertilization, yet that the system was fruitless.

“When I attempted, it was past the point of no return,” said Navarro, 50, who marry husband Al Cárdenas in 2019. “With IVF, Al and I attempted.”

“I always let ladies know who are career ladies who are trying to get into that space, ‘Look, on the off chance that you can afford it — and that’s a big if — on the off chance that you can afford it, you ought to freeze your eggs,’ ” she added. “Because it leaves you with a degree of options.” Her disclosure came during a frank discussion among co-has Euphoria Behar, Sara Haines, Radiant Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin about the expectations placed upon ladies to have a baby on a certain timeline.

Hostin — who is a mother to son Gabriel, 20, and daughter Paloma, 16 — has been vocal about her own battles with IVF in the past.

“I got married at 40, my husband was more youthful, and I had to go through many rounds after round — five miscarriages to have two kids,” Hostin, 54, recalled.

“And we drained our savings. It took us 10 years to be back to where we were before we wanted to have kids. That’s the reason they owe me everything!”

“The issue with infertility is many of us experience peacefully,” she continued. “I was on websites, I would have rather not mentioned it to many companions. … it’s a truly challenging thing, which is the reason I think ladies have to be exceptionally transparent with their encounters.”

She, as Navarro, proceeded to praise the process of freezing one’s eggs, saying, “At 39, a woman’s eggs, they’re like powder, they’re like scrambled.

So except if you’ve had the foresight, except if you have the money, you can’t be as cavalier about having kids.” Yet, Haines, 45, pointed to a portion of the disadvantages to the technique. “Freezing eggs and a portion of those options are also costly and not available to a great many people, so the strain remains on a ton of ladies,” said the host, who shares son Caleb Joseph, 3, daughter Sandra Grace, 5 one month from now, and son Alec Richard, 6½, with her lawyer husband Max Shifrin. “I was able to possibly figure out a powdered egg at 41… however, I think there’s a strain.”

“I love throwing milestones through the window. It’s great to have a vision for your life yet it won’t ever look the way you planned it, no matter what.

To consider yourself accountable to your own milestones or those of others is always going to leave you disappointed,” she added, stressing that “we also have to embrace ladies who concluded they don’t want to have children. That’s not all they’re here for!” Removing that tension is something Farah Griffin desires to encounter in her own life.

“All individuals should be easier on someone while they’re going through this,” the 33-year-old said.

“I’m at that age where I’m a love bird, I’m in my 30s, I’m going to get my eggs out, however every time I call a family part, there’s this air of disappointment.”

Wednesday’s theme was inspired by Andrew Garfield’s GQ main story, where he admitted to feeling some culpability around not having children yet ahead of turning 40.

Discussing his remarks, Navarro noticed the number of men that have babies on their own timelines, citing Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper, who both invited their second kids at 54.

“Don Lemon continues calling me and saying, ‘Ana, we should have a baby,’ ” Navarro said, joking, “Mine aren’t even powdered, they’re fossilized. ‘I can’t give you an egg!’ ”

Weighing in last was Behar, 80, who is mother to an adult daughter. “We’re in a major population explosion in this world. We depend on 8 billion individuals.

100 years and a half ago, it was 1 billion individuals,” she said, joking, “Calm down with the babies.” The View airs weekdays (11 a.m. ET) on ABC.

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