“This dude gotta have a documentary”: Hilarious Kanye married memes take over internet amid latest architect report

As per a few reports, Kanye West covertly got hitched two months after his separation from Kim Kardashian was settled. Sources near West case that Bianca Censori, the puzzling lady with short light hair who was spotted sticking around Bev Slopes with the rapper, hails from Australia. Moreover, she functions as a compositional originator for his image, Yeezy.

Ye, otherwise known as Kanye West, and Bianca supposedly had a confidential wedding service, despite the fact that sources let out no fresh insight about the couple petitioning for a marriage endorsement to legitimize it. Despite the fact that Bianca seems blonde in a new photograph where the two were seen together, she is initially a brunette.

Recently, the rapper was spotted with Bianca at Beverley Slopes’ Waldorf Astoria, where he had all the earmarks of being brandishing a wedding band on his finger. The couple was seen visiting while at the same time sharing a feast.

Following Kim and Kanye’s separation, the two big names have had a few new connections. West momentarily had a throw with model and entertainer Julia Fox toward the start of 2022, while Kim began dating SNL well known comic Pete Davidson in October 2021 preceding tapping out in August 2022.

The Jesus Strolls artist’s vocation spiraled subsequent to getting analysis for making against Semitic rants on the web. After this, he got inescapable kickback, at this point he kept safeguarding his remarks and offered a few additional enemy of Semitic comments. Subsequently, his record was restricted on Twitter.

Before that, he was at that point in a dangerous situation when he and his Yeezy models wore shirts with the trademark “White Lives Matter” composed on them at the Paris Design Week in October.

The rapper has since remained inconspicuous. Hence, his unforeseen return at the center of attention with one such sensational news provoked netizens to go off the deep end with their responses.

Numerous clients have brought up how Ye’s supposedly new spouse, Bianca Censori, looks like his ex, Kim Kardashian, a ton. While some called the engineering planner a redesign from West’s previous spouse, one client, @lawdekausername, composed:

West delivered another melody, named Censori Over-burden, back in December 2022, which presently appears to seem OK to netizens as they understand who he composed this tune for.

While there isn’t any immediate notice of Bianca in the melody, one specific line appears to bear a potential sign with respect to why Ye went for such a fast wedding. The line goes this way:

Ye and Bianca are said to have been familiar with one another beginning around 2020, when the last option began working at Yeezy. She is as of now recorded as the Head of Engineering for the organization. Bianca Censori has a Graduate degree in Design from Melbourne College, Australia.

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