This TikTok Creator May Have Just Predicted Taylor Swift’s Entire Track List for ‘Midnights’

As we close to nearer to the arrival of Taylor Quick’s tenth studio collection “Midnights,” Swifties are working diligently.

Last month during the MTV Video Music Grants, the “Really quite Well” singer shocked us when she declared that she would be dropping a fresh out of the plastic new 13-track collection this October. From that point onward, Swifties have had their eyes and ears open for even the smallest of pieces of information connecting with this collection.

As any great Taylor fan knows, she appreciates establishing hints, Hidden little treats, and enigmatic directives for fans to translate preceding the arrival of her collections.

As of now, one Swiftie has thought of a substantial hypothesis on what the track list for “Midnights” could seem to be. We may not have confidence in every one of the hypotheses we hear on TikTok, however we can’t help but confess, Swifties will generally know what they’re talking about.

Continue looking for one fan’s expectation with respect to Taylor’s “Midnights.” This fan’s hypothesis in regards to the tracklist for ‘Midnights’ is strong.
TikTok maker @actuallyshook is now making surmises with respect to what the “Midnights” track rundown will seem to be. She makes sense of her very much built hypothesis in the video beneath, trusting that the first “Midnights” Hidden treat Taylor left for fans was in her Twitter bio.

As we as a whole have marked on our schedules, the collection drops on Oct. 21. All things considered, Taylor’s Twitter bio peruses: “October 21. 12 PM sharp.”

Educational, yet as @actuallyshook brought up, “12 PM sharp” appears to be a pointless detail.

All things considered, she included the letters “12 PM sharp” and got 13. What’s more, didn’t Taylor as of now let us know that this collection could have 13 melodies on it? Indeed, yes she did. Also that 13 is Taylor’s fortunate number. “I’m persuaded that 12 PM Sharp is the track list abbreviation for ‘Midnights,’” contemplated @actuallyshook, inferring that the primary track would start with a M. The subsequent track would start with an I, etc.

She then made sense of that she had a go at connecting a portion of the words from Taylor’s underlying Instagram post about the collection, however things weren’t adding up.

“Then, at that point, this video occurred,” she expressed, alluding to the underneath TikTok that Taylor posted with the subtitle “The creation of ‘Midnights.’”

The clasp included scenes from the creation of the collection, however nothing also attractive.

However, what struck @actuallyshook was the melody that was heard playing behind the scenes. It was classified “The Existence You Lead” by Niceboy Ed. Who is Niceboy Ed, you could inquire? That is a decent inquiry. “[The song] jumped all of a sudden and nobody knows who this craftsman is and where this melody came from,” @actuallyshook says.

While numerous Swifties attempted to sort out who precisely Niceboy Ed is, @actuallyshook took an alternate course. She looked into the verses for “The Existence You Lead.”

Furthermore, what she says she found “had Taylor composed on top of it.”

Utilizing these verses, she returned to her thought regarding “12 PM sharp” being a tracklist abbreviation and afterward began connecting a portion of the verses as potential tune titles.

While she conceded there were a lot of mixes to attempt, she shared a screen capture from her Notes application with her most realistic estimations.

“I believe I’m on to something,” she said, adding “What do you folks think?” prior to finishing the video. Individual Swifties conveyed criticism in the remarks.
Some adulated @actuallyshook for her persistent effort: “And to this end I pass on it to the brilliant swifties… young lady I would NEVER,” kept in touch with one client.

One more said: “CIA selection representatives ought to look no farther than the Swiftie realm for all recruits from this point forward.”

In any case, not every person was so positive about her work. “I don’t absolutely figure she’d do ‘I’m Actually Falling’ and ‘Brilliant,’ b/c Harry Styles has ‘Falling’ and ‘Brilliant,’ it’s simply spot on,” peeped one client.

In the mean time, one more fan brought up that there were additionally 13 words that beginning with the letter M in Taylor’s Instagram declaration post, to which @actuallyshook stated: “STOP THAT’S SO Fascinating.”

All in all, do any of these extremely specific subtleties matter? While we can’t verify or refute anything presently, we will concede that focuses were made.

@taylorswift The making of Midnights 🌌 #TSmidnighTS #SwiftTok ♬ life you lead – niceboy ed

To find our solution, we’ll simply need to hold on until “Midnights” drops at 12 PM sharp on Oct. 21 to see what Taylor concocted for us.