Timothée Chalamet Reveals Leonardo DiCaprio’s Career Advice And Talks ‘Wonka’ Role

Timothée Chalamet is sharing some wise calling counsel Leonardo DiCaprio gave him. In English Vogue’s October issue, where Chalamet is affecting the world always as the important male execution star on the cover, the 26-year-old became true about his employment and his looming position as Willy Wonka in the film melodic, Wonka.

The urging from DiCaprio came in 2018, when Chalamet at first met the Oscar-winning performer, and the A seriously quite some time in the past in Hollywood star kept it pretty fundamental: “No hard meds and no legend films.”

While it appears Chalamet has achieved that up until this point, the Ascent performer said he never envisioned his calling detonating the way that it has.

“I had an eccentric dream in my underlying youngster years to have, in my late secondary school years, an acting job. Besides, in my late youthful years, managing Nation and starting to do theater in New York, I felt like I reduced my goal to something more viable, which was to work in theater and preferably get adequate money doing either a TV program or something I could uphold myself [with],” Chalamet figures out. “Furthermore, subsequently it seemed like each dream worked out, emphatically. Furthermore, a while later life is moving at 6,000,000 miles every hour.”

The Covid pandemic obliged him to make a step back, in any case, giving him a perspective he said he didn’t have as yet.

“Right when Covid hit, it anticipated that I should make a step back and be brought down to the likelihood that the best legend… No, I would prefer not to use that word, sorry, statements of regret. Scratch legend. However, [everyone has to] make due, like, charges and the dental trained professional and veritable adulting, you know? I should have been endeavoring to get my adult feet under myself fairly sooner than I,” he says.

“I wound up having to genuinely, you know, be clear with myself that where I’ve had the choice to get myself to in life was go all in, like throwing everything very right off the bat that, by some marvel, got me to where I’m. Regardless, to then really impact to an adulting mentality… ” Chalamet continues.

“I’ve commonly settled my costs, I by and large went to the dental subject matter expert, but I’m out of the blue very aware of that,” he remarks. “So the habits wherein I feel more settled than 26 I have reliably felt. Detest I feel like I’ve had some mental progression that has given me perspective. The perspective that feels ‘old individual,’ I feel like I was carried into the world with it. The empath thing, the thinking for everyone in the room, the sort of lost thought, this sort of trickery, of control considering endeavoring to feel for everyone.”


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Solid in his plan choices and with his film work, Chalamet is preparing to play Willy Wonka in the film melodic Wonka – – set before Charlie and the Chocolate Creation line – – which follows Wonka in his underlying days as an erratic chocolatier. While he got the web murmuring with the first-look pictures of him in Willy Wonka’s velvet suit and formal cap, he said the photos are beguiling, let Vogue in on that the film is “cheery.”

“You figure out what’s really engaging about that, is it’s so tricky. This film is so authentic, it’s so delighted,” Chalamet spouts, preceding revealing that the has seven melodic numbers generally through the film.

“I don’t really want to say it, yet the dream as a skilled worker is to throw whatever the f**k you want at the wall, you know? Additionally, I ponder I’m figuring out that one’s own personal life, one’s adult life, can be extremely debilitating and the specialist’s life can anyway be remarkable,” he adds of the gig.

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