Titans Season 4 Can Finally Tell Nightwing’s Best Stories Now

By virtue of new set photos from the making of Titans season 4, it’s been confirmed that Nightwing and company will head from Gotham to the city of Blüdhaven, allowing the series to start telling some of Dick Grayson’s best stories. While the HBO Max series stars different Teen Titans, it’s undeniably true that the series for the most part pivots around Dick Grayson more than another legend. Now that he’s created from Robin to Nightwing all through the underlying 3 seasons (and, shockingly, put energy defending Gotham in Batman’s place), it has all the earmarks of being like it’s finally time for Nightwing to get comfortable his own city.

As found in the finale for Titans season 3, the vast majority of the Titans bounced into a RV and left Gotham ensuing to defeating Scarecrow, expecting to cross the country back to San Francisco and Titans Tower. Regardless, these new photos from the plan of Titans season 4 assert that all or part Titans’ next experience will happen in Gotham’s sister city of Blüdhaven. This is similarly where Nightwing chooses to begin his vigilante job isolated from Batman in the comics.

Making Blüdhaven his to get, more than likely, the Titans will be making a move as needs be with someone or something (like the series’ looming trouble maker Brother Blood) drawing Nightwing and his gathering to the infamous DC region. This will in like manner be at whatever point Blüdhaven first will be found in consistent with life, paying little heed to having been alluded to in the CW’s Arrowverse shows as well as in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. The chance of Nightwing settling down and making Blüdhaven his home city opens the entrance for a part of his most one of a kind stories to be told from the comics.

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