Two men arrested after wild police chase with baby in car

A new pursue in north Texas included two suspects running from police with a child ready. Presently, those suspects face various charges.

Marvin Guevara, the driver of the white SUV that pulled up close by of a taken blue Evade Charger that police were seeking after, has been set up for the Dallas Region Prison, and is accused of six offenses.

The man inside that Charger, Andy Guevara, is accused of vehicle burglary, in addition to other things, as per FOX 4 News Dallas-Forward Worth.

He supposedly escaped the Charger, snatched a child in a vehicle seat and bounced into the front seat of the SUV before it pulled away.

That SUV, distinguished as a Jeep, crashed into a west Dallas area, while simply missing different vehicles and slicing through walls, prior to halting at the Lake West Head Start Center.

That is where Andy supposedly snatched the child and ran inside. Appointees pursued in the Guevara men, and brought both out in cuffs.

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