Udaariyaan 19th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Fateh and Tejo die

The Episode starts with Fateh and Tejo hitting the dance floor with everyone. Aykam’s father Randhawa will get undermined by certain thugs. He says I m not unfortunate of anyone, get lost. He goes contained in the event to his companion. He says I m a cop, such issues do happen, we will disappear, the spot are the youngsters. She says they just started to profit from the event. Naaz recalls Jasmin and figures it might have been great on the off chance that you had been here. She envisions Jasmin hitting the dance floor with everyone. Naaz grins. Jasmin vanishes. Naaz appears to be round. Nehmat sees her and requests that she grin. She says mum and dad purposeful a shock for you furthermore, come and dance. They dance.

Fateh embraces them. The thug sees a car and says proceed to bomb the auto slows down, its Randhawa’s car, it should be his last day at this very moment. The contrary hooligan accomplishes the work. The hooligans disappear from that point. Gurpreet asks Khushbeer did you request that they decorate the auto. He says sure.

The representatives improves the indistinguishable auto. Fateh and Tejo dance on Pyaar hua ikraar hua… Nehmat information their dance. Everyone applauds them. Naaz requests that Nehmat get back with them of their car, they’ll watch a video. Tejo requests that Nehmat go. She says we presently need to illuminate you a certain something.

Nehmat requests that Naaz document the video. Tejo says we wish to express gratitude for providing us with the appealing present of our life. Fateh says sure, we love you a great deal. Tejo says sure, we love you various. Nehmat says I truly like you as well. She embraces everyone. Biji says she is embracing like we received’t meet again.

Nehmat says I basically need to embrace all of you. She goes. Tejo and Nehmat’s kaleerain and dupatta get found out. Tejo liberates Nehmat’s dupatta. Tejo says you may be my essential woman, we love you. Naaz will lash out. Tejo requests that Naaz return. She embraces Naaz and Nehmat. Fateh requests that they go. Tejo says we’re also coming.

The ladies go. Everyone sits inside the car. Fateh says I’ll make a charge and are accessible. Abhiraj says we will start moving. Every one of them dance. Rupy says Khushbeer didn’t come up to this point. Fateh, Tejo and family talk on the manner by which and laugh. They’re on the manner by which. Khushbeer really takes a look at the brakes. He will get scared.

He says Fateh, brakes have fizzled. Everybody is by all accounts stunned. Rupy says we currently have come here, but Khushbeer didn’t come. Pretty requests that Satti get aarti plate for grahpravesh. Fateh requests that Khushbeer place in first stuff and disappear the grip, the auto will stop. Khushbeer says no, its not occurring.

Fateh requests that he hit some tree. He requests that everyone convey tight. Tejo requests that he keep an eye out. Khushbeer sees an auto coming and turns the guiding. The auto meets with a mishap. Udaariyaan… performs… Satti sees the diya flashing and hurries to convey. The diya is defer. She stresses and thinks what is happening. Fateh, Tejo and family are seen deception harmed.

Fateh gives popping a shot of the car. He sees Tejo duplicity a piece far. Tejo turns and sees Fateh slithering to prevail in her. They each attempt to keep up with arms. Tere naal… performs… They cry.

He expresses I’ll consistently have your title all the rage even after death toll. She says we will abide and die by and large. He says even death toll could make us to the side. He kisses him. Their minutes are seen. They each fall dormant. Satti drops the aarti plate. Rupy drops the phone. Everybody is by all accounts stunned. Every one of them cry. Naaz and Nehmat embrace and cry. Naaz says I m sorry, presently we currently need to keep each other, guarantee me, we are going to consistently keep all in all.

Following 16 years, Nehmat and Aykam are seen working into some subject. Nehmat hits the dance floor with the ladies. Aykam asks how a great deal will you make me run, stop. He holds her hand and pulls. He embraces her. They each tumble down. He strikes her hair off her face. They grin seeing each other.

He says you’ll have the option to run speedy, but I’ll get you. She says you got me by stunt. He says you may be Soni, I m Mahiwal. She requests that he say some great discourse. She uncovers the jeep keys. He requests that she stop. She runs. He pursues her. Udaariyaan… performs… . He says don’t make me run additional at this point.

She inquires as to why. He says I used to be anxious about the possibility that that someone else will achieve you sooner than me. She says then concur, I’ll drive your new jeep. He says its second hand. She says we will go on this jeep, you will get police jeep after your training finishes, then this jeep may be mine, we currently have considerably less time, our life’s new inning will start in some time. He says father doesn’t help our romantic tale.

She asks will our marriage in no way, shape or form happen, what seemed obvious him. He says don’t have the foggiest idea why he remains upset, for what reason is he contrary to our romantic tale. Randhawa is seen reviewing the hooligans’ expressions and the car collision. Nehmat says it is ideal to address your father. Aykam says he was contrary to my police foundation training, I expected to make it happen, so he doesn’t address me. Randhawa feels answerable for Virks family’s death toll. He says in the event that this mystery emerges, my children’s lives will get demolished.