Vicki Lawrence Remembers Friend Betty White 1 Year After ‘Golden Girls’ Star’s Death: ‘You Taught Me So Much’

As the main commemoration Betty White’s passing at 99 years of age draws near, White’s long-term companion and Mother’s Family costar Vicki Lawrence, 73, recalls the chuckles they shared, Betty’s commitment to creatures and why The Brilliant Young ladies’ star cherished being known as a “extraordinary wide.”

Betty, you showed me to such an extent. I recollect after our feline Sophie got run over by one of the local children on a bike, both of her front legs were broken and she seemed to be a little Frankenstein with braces. The children were crushed. My better half, Al [Schultz], said, “Go present yourself with a glass of wine and call Betty.” You told me, “You’re not putting her down.

Take her to my muscular specialist.” And afterward I snatched Al’s charge card. After I purchased a canine from a pet store window, I got a talk from you about salvage canines who required love.

What was I thinking? I believe you should know that each canine from that point forward has been a salvage. We have two insane mutts now. At the point when we were doing Mom’s Family, you educated me concerning another pilot — “I think this will be the one,” you said — and I lost you to The Brilliant Young ladies. Amazing, it was the one.

Such countless youngsters are as yet committed to it. I generally recollect how you adored ribald and cliché jokes.

After you were once depicted as “an extraordinary wide,” someone inquired, “Aren’t you irritated by that?” You said, “Gracious, honey, that is a particularly incredible commendation! We’ve arrived at an age where we’ve seen and done what’s needed and we’re permitted to be incredible broads.” Strong, awkward, obtained a lifetime of experience already so often you’re-woozy broads.

I miss having the option to get the telephone and talk. I’m aging as well, and no one lets you know how muddled this portion of your life is. Kid, would I pose you a ton of inquiries.

I generally used to say, “I really want to believe that I grow up to be Betty White.” I feel so fortunate to have known you.

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