Vince Bantu is Married to Wife: Diana Bantu. Kids.

Vince Bantu is known as Reverend Specialist and an associate teacher at the Fuller Religious Theological school – Texas. He has shown Church History and Dark Church Studies at the Houston, Texas theological college since his beginning in December 2019.

Furthermore, he has additionally been in the Ohene/President at Meachum School of Haymanot when he began showing on Fuller’s Houston grounds. He went to The Catholic College of America, where he completed his Ph.D. in Semitic and Egyptian Dialects and Literary works of the Christian Close to East in 2013. Keep adding further to this article to look into the theological school collaborator teacher Vince Bantu’s better half, Diana Bantu, their marriage, and lives. Additionally, meet the two or three’s children!

Vince and Diana Bantu’s marriage The Meachum School of Haymanot Ohene has been a dependable hitched man to his long-lasting spouse, Diana Bantu. However it is as yet indistinct when and where they met, his Facebook account demonstrates that they have been hitched since the 29th day of July 2005. Vince Bantu’s better half has adored and upheld him all through his vocation. His family has been alongside him at whatever point and any place his work calls him.

They have dwelled in Houston, Texas, with their two kids for some time in the wake of moving from St. Louis, Missouri.

Diana Bantu’s Life story Vince Bantu’s better half was born on the eighth day of April 1981, and she is 40 years of age. As indicated by her Facebook account, she went to Roxbury Secondary School and later went to Wheaton School, however she didn’t determine her taken degree. On a Facebook post on the ninth day of May 2021, under the record of a David Currie, she was seen wearing a graduation hood, alongside two men. In light of the subtitle, we can derive that she had graduated as a Specialist of Service at Gordon-Conwell Philosophical Theological school.

The greater part of Diana’s own data has not been uncovered to people in general as she is a confidential individual and has kept a large portion of her life subtleties from the spotlight.

Vince Bantu’s Children The wedded two or three sixteen years has two youngsters, both of whom are little girls; they were born inside the long periods of their folks’ marriage. Since their association in 2005, they didn’t have youngsters until following four years, in 2009. Taína Bantu Vince Bantu’s better half had brought forth their firstborn and most established little girl on the 22nd day of November 2009. She is by and by twelve years of age.

Naniki BantuTheir most youthful youngster, Naniki, was born on the eighteenth day of June 2011, very nearly two years after her more established sister was born. She is as of now a decade old.

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