Vince Vaughn Says He and Ben Stiller Are ‘Open to’ a ‘Dodgeball’ Sequel: ‘We’ll See Where It Goes’

Vince Vaughn is tending to all the Dodgeball spin-off reports.

At Wednesday’s debut for his impending film, Christmas with the Campbells — which he co-composed and created — Vaughn drilled down into the possibility of doing a spin-off of the 2004 film.

“They’ve generally discussed these things perpetually and I had a thought that was fun and the studio likes it, so we’ll see where it goes,” Vaughn, 52, told The Hollywood Correspondent after Justin Long as of late prodded a potential continuation.

“I think Ben [Stiller] is available to making it happen, I believe he’s in a comparable situation as me truly which is in the event that it’s a truly tomfoolery and extraordinary thought, that is fun, however on the off chance that it’s simply something worth talking about to go rehash it why?” Vaughn told THR.

Vaughn said spin-offs are bound to find success in the event that they can remain all alone as opposed to disgorging old jokes.

“I think for us all assuming that it feels right and it’s amusing, it would be something to return to, and on the off chance that it’s not, it’s simply one more thought getting kicked around,” he said.

He’s not restricting his continuation choices to simply Dodgeball, however he conceded he’s been careful about doing them for good explanation.

“I’ve had such countless motion pictures that I’ve been lucky with and I never hopped into the continuations thus,” the Wedding Crashers entertainer said.

“Since I generally felt like on the off chance that you’re simply doing it since you believe it’s a method for getting an audience, the issue is you won’t feel significantly better on the opposite side of it. So we’ve paused and I’m certain one of them will check out, there’s some continuation that will work,” he said.

In October, Long said in a meeting with that he talked with both Vaughn and Stiller, 57, about their differing advantages in making a spin-off of the first, which every one of the three featured in and Stiller delivered. “Vince is an extremely persuading individual, so I’m simply trusting Vince can persuade [Stiller] with his thought,” Long, 44, said.

“It’s an entertaining thought, I don’t want to get out whatever it is.”

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