VIXX’s Ravi set to face police investigation and possible re-enlistment amid mandatory military service scandal

VIXX’s Ravi could need to go through his required military assistance once more assuming that he is viewed as at legitimate fault for keeping away from dynamic military obligation and of disregarding obligatory military selection regulations.

Last week, a dealer claimed that a well known rapper icon had moved toward them to assist him with getting either an exclusion or get a lesser military grade. The representative uncovered that he assisted the icon rapper with faking clinical records to assist him with getting a Grade 4 (non-deployment ready) military evaluation through them.

Online gatherings and web-based entertainment destinations were swirling with various names. Notwithstanding, in light of the dealer’s assertion, one name that sprung up was VIXX’s Ravi who appeared to match the depiction the agent had given.

The Tied up vocalist’s organization GROOVL1N expressed that they are investigating the matter and will put out an announcement following an itemized examination.

On January 12, 2023, a gathering of unlawful specialists were captured on charges of defilement for supposedly relegating a nervous system specialist from a rumored emergency clinic in Seoul. They likewise supposedly furnished a few men with a bogus clinical finding of epilepsy to either get them excluded from military help or get a lesser military grade.

The intermediaries had purportedly bragged assisting a renowned icon rapper with faking his clinical records to get a Grade 4 (non-deployment ready) military evaluation rather than dynamic soldier obligation.

Web-based entertainment was swirling with VIXX’s Ravi’s name as the timetable of the representative’s portrayal matches the Shangri-la vocalist’s enrollment period.

For those unversed, VIXX’s Ravi ventured down from the theatrical presentation KBS2’s 2 Days and 1 Night in May. He began his tactical assistance as a public assistance specialist in October last year.

Be that as it may, as indicated by the new update, the icon rapper should confront a police examination and conceivable re-selection in the midst of his obligatory military help outrage. In the event that VIXX’s Ravi is viewed as at fault for really having involved a merchant’s administrations for faking his own clinical records to sidestep dynamic military obligation, he might confront a jail term going from one to five years.

Also, VIXX’s Ravi might need to re-join up with the military prior to doing their lawbreaker sentences.

VIXX’s Ravi’s organization GROOVL1N had expressed at the time that they were intently inspecting reality with regards to the circumstance.

They uncovered that they will be completely researching what is going on and sorting out the subtleties and will guarantee Ravi helps out the specialists also. More insights about this will be given in a different notification.

VIXX will continue their advancements as a three-part bunch until further notice. On January 3, individuals Leo, Ken and Hyuk delivered their advanced single Going to Be Okay, their first delivery in quite a while. They likewise held an exceptional fan show which occurred on January 6-7 at the KBS Field Lobby.

At first, individuals Leo and Ken were to hold fan-sign occasions on January 14 and 15, 2023, however presently, due the debate that Ravi is entangled in, the occasion has been delayed until additional notification.

VIXX individuals Leo, Ken, and Hyuk will perform on the January 19, 2023, broadcast of Mnet’s M! Commencement. They are wanting to hold shows in Japan on February 3, 2023, and in Taiwan on Walk 5, 2023.

Part N is as of now focussing on his acting vocation and will avoid VIXX’s shows and exhibitions for the present.

GROOVL1N has not given a new notification in regards to VIXX’s Ravi’s outrage.