War Of Words Continues Between Urfi Javed And Chahatt Khanna After The Latter Comments “Aap Toh Biwi Ya Maa Ke Layak Bhi Nahi Ho”

Battle of words go on between Urfi Javed and Chahatt Khanna after the last option remarks “aap toh biwi ya maa ke layak bhi nahi ho”

Urfi Javed and Chahatt Khanna’s conflict of words will not have a truce as both the ladies are on it with every one of their cerebrums and brawns.

For the unversed, everything began with Chahatt remarking on Urfi’s style sense and calling her a modest show. She likewise said that Urfi pays the media to cover her.

It gave flash to a revolting disagreement where Urfi hit back at her remarking on her separation.

Presently Urfi as of late took a correspond at Chahatt demonstrating to the reports of her getting gifts from the claimed conman Sukesh.

Chahatt was likewise would rather do anything other than to take it, she posted, “Without knowing current realities and hopping on the news for exposure and embarrassing yourself.

Brainless se kya contention karna, agar akal hoti toh kaam karti ya shoot karti na ki semi Bare spottings karti, chalo koi na aap toh aunt, biwi ya maa ke layak toh ho nahi, stomach muscle dusro ko hey aunt bolke khush ho jao”

Presently, Urfi got back with a befitting answer where she shared a few pictures of Chahatt and asked her supporters, “Semi naked per zara gaur farmaya jaaye!”