What are the charges against Katelyn McClure? New Jersey woman gets three years in prison over GoFundMe scam

On Friday, Another Jersey lady, who was subsequently distinguished as Katelyn McClure, was condemned to three years in state jail in the wake of being viewed as at legitimate fault for contribution in a gigantic GoFundMe trick. She is by and by in a Connecticut jail serving a one-year government term in a similar case.

As indicated by the Burlington Region Investigator’s Office, McClure’s state sentence will run simultaneously. Moreover, the 32-year-old, a previous New Jersey Division of Transportation laborer, will be forever restricted from filling in as a public representative in the state.

In 2017, Katelyn McClure, alongside her then-beau Mark D’Amico, conceded to charges of scheme to commit wire extortion after they were discovered misleading more than 14,000 benefactors out of $400,000 for the sake of aiding a destitute veteran in Philadelphia.

The cash gathered through the pledge drive was generally spent on private costs and never arrived at the veteran, Johnny Bobbitt Jr. In December 2019, Mark D’Amico conceded and was condemned to five years in state jail. Both Katelyn McClure and Mark D’Amico have been requested to repay GoFundMe.

Burlington District Examiner LaChia Bradshaw said in an explanation:

In 2017, a 32-year-old previous New Jersey Branch of Transportation specialist and her then-beau made a phony compassionate tale about a destitute veteran who had loaned his last $20 to McClure to assist with topping off her fuel tank while she was abandoned on I-95 in Philadelphia.

The GoFundMe pledge drive, which was named “Showing preemptive kindness,” caused givers to accept that the gifts would be utilized to get Johnny Bobbitt Jr. another home. The veteran being referred to, be that as it may, stayed unaware of everything going on for quite a while.

The pledge drive and the story behind it quickly got forward movement with the media and the pair were evaluated on different occasions. In under a month, Katelyn McClure and her accomplice raised a huge measure of $400,000, none of which arrived at the destitute veteran.

As per specialists, the cash from the gifts was straightforwardly moved to individual ledgers, and in under 90 days, the pair had spent a large portion of the gave cash for individual costs that didn’t have anything to do with Johnny Bobbitt Jr.

It was exclusively in December 2017 that the man at the focal point of the entire story was educated regarding the plan. Policemen detailed that D’Amico later opened a ledger for Bobbitt and under $100,000 was stored into the record by D’Amico and Katelyn McClure.

Examinations began when Bobbitt Jr. sued the pair for not providing him with a decent amount of the entire sum.

The Burlington District Investigator’s Office said the gifts were utilized by Katelyn McClure and her accomplice to subsidize a BMW, club betting, Another Year’s excursion to Las Vegas, a helicopter ride over the Excellent Gully, and Louis Vuitton satchels, and were spent by Walk 2018.

Bobbitt Jr. later conceded to an intrigue charge. He was conceded into the New Jersey Recuperation Court program and dangers a jail sentence in the event that he breaks the conditions of the program.

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