What did Andrew Tate’s alleged ex-partner’s say about his recent arrest? Women defend influencer in TikTok videos

In the midst of the disaster of dubious powerhouse, Andrew Tate’s capture and his confinement in Romania, a portion of his exes arose on TikTok to shield the one who has been sentenced on charges for illegal exploitation, strong erotic entertainment, and r*pe.

Tate has proactively acquired reputation because of his misanthropic remarks via online entertainment. On December 29, Andrew Tate and his brother, alongside two different ladies, were captured from Tate’s Romanian compound.

The Tate brothers maintain a business revolved around grown-up diversion camera administrations. Police suspect them four of strongly keeping ladies in the house, taking advantage of them, and causing them to make grown-up content without their assent. The recordings were then transferred to particular sites in return for cash.

Nonetheless, a Slovakian lady, professing to be Tate’s ex-accomplice made a TikTok video where she tended to a video cut that surfaced on the web. In the clasp, Andrew should be visible smacking the lady in the face, pulling her hair and beating her with a belt.

However, in the TikTok video, the lady denied being beaten by the powerhouse or any abusive behavior at home occurring. She said it was a consensual foreplay which they enjoyed doing. She said it was not misuse since she needed it. The lady said she could do without how individuals are shamefully calling Andrew a lady blender.

After Andrew Tate was captured, a similar lady from the disputable video made one more video explanation and guaranteed that she lived with Tate for quite a long time. She declared that Tate could never follow through with something like one or the other he is certainly not a human dealer or a r**ist. The lady added:

One more lady likewise approached with all due respect and made a comparable case. She said:

The lady kept on adulating the force to be reckoned with and said that Andrew Tate is exceptionally liberal and has forever been conscious of people around him, including ladies and youngsters.

A 22-year-old Ukrainian displaced person named Lisa, whom police found while striking Andrew Tate’s home, likewise guarded the Tate brothers. Lisa said that Andrew just acts horribly for the show and that he is different, in actuality. She denied every one of the charges of constrained sexual entertainment brought against Tate and said:

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“All that the police have said isn’t accurate, I know them [Tate and his brother, Tristan] and they couldn’t do this. The young ladies who live here don’t need to do anything. They are great young ladies.”
The youthful Ukrainian displaced person worked in the marketing division of a home organization in Ukraine. She met the Tate brothers at a party in Kyiv close to quite a while back and was informed that Andrew’s contribution in the obscene business was a business of the past. She asserted that the brothers have such a lot of cash which they clearly could never have procured from such recordings.

Romanian examiners asserted that Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate tracked down the ladies via online entertainment and convinced them to fly out to Romania. They suspect that these ladies were baited with pretended sentiment and afterward were constrained and savagely took steps to act in online p*rn recordings.

This isn’t the powerhouse’s most memorable experience with policing. Before he began living in Romania, different ladies blamed Tate for misuse. Nonetheless, the force to be reckoned with himself would not concede any of the allegations and said that he isn’t a r**ist, however he prefers being free and having the option to do things that he needs.

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