What did Robert Rheams do? Louisiana mother fatally shoots home intruder during break-in

Robert Rheams, a Louisiana man, was shot dead by a lady after he broke into her home and went after her while outfitted with a digging tool and carry wrench.

The Tangipahoa Ward Sheriff’s Office detailed that 51-year-old Robert Rheams was free from jail, but still under supervision in the wake of serving around 20 years when he broke into the home of a mother and her two kids right off the bat January 9, 2023.

Authorities said the lady then, at that point, lethally shot the gatecrasher with good reason following a fight in her home.

While enumerating the conditions of the shooting, police said that prior hours breaking into the Louisiana lady’s home, Rheams attempted to carjack a decent Samaritan who gave him a ride from a lodging where he was supposedly mixed up with another lady.

Robert Rheams supposedly attempted to carjack a man three blocks from where the Louisiana mother resided on Klein Street with her two small kids.

Specialists, who point by point the occurrence, said that not long after hitching a ride, the man drove the killed suspect to a home where nobody addressed the entryway. Rheams then, at that point, got back in the vehicle with the one who was heading out. Rheams then, at that point, went after him, making the vehicle lurch toward a trench. The driver then escaped the vehicle while Rheams endeavored to drive away.

The suspect, incapable to get the vehicle out of the trench, deserted the vehicle. Not long after, he broke into a home where he was killed justifiably subsequent to getting into an actual squabble with the person in question. In an explanation, the Tangipahoa Ward Sheriff’s Office said:

“During the episode, an actual quarrel occurred among Rheams and the mortgage holder which eventually prompted Rheams being shot by the mortgage holder. Rheams was subsequently articulated expired on scene by the Tangipahoa Area Coroner’s Office.”

Specialists said that the lady will probably not face any charges in the occurrence. The conditions proposed that she acted to safeguard herself and her kids from fierce gatecrasher Robert Rheams. The assertion read:

“This case has all the earmarks of being a mortgage holder practicing second change freedoms to safeguard herself and her youngsters from a rough home attack,” the sheriff’s office said in a proclamation. “When the examination is finished, the case will be sent to the Head prosecutor’s Office for additional consideration.”

Police said that the driver from the carjacking episode was generally safe however was a digit stirred up from the occasions of the day. According to agents, the suspect was allegedly at the Louisiana home to take vehicle keys. Specialists are anticipating examination results to decide whether the suspect was affected by opiates during the occurrence.

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