What Happened To Taylor Parker? Taylor Parker Charged For Manslaughter Of A Friend And Her Unborn In Texa

Taylor faked a pregnancy and killed her companion and her unborn Son in feeling of dread toward losing her beau. Who is Taylor Parker? Taylor is a mother of two and uses the family name Morton and Griffin. She dwells in Texas and has been accused of a man’s butcher and killing of her companion and her unborn Son.

It was informed that Taylor concocted a phony pregnancy story as she could never have another kid as a result of the Hysterectomy medical procedure she went through. She likewise made counterfeit ultrasound reports and tossed a child shower and orientation uncovered gatherings to imagine she was pregnant. She even posted her photos via web-based entertainment.

What occurred with Region Simmons? On 9 October 2020, in New Boston, Parker was charged for the homicide of Regan Simmons and unborn child Braxlynn Sage by wounding them in excess of multiple times and squashing her skull with the assistance of a mallet even prior to eliminating her child with a surgical blade.

Despite the fact that she escaped alone with the child on her lap and stuck a placenta into her jeans to make it seem as though she brought forth the child, she was come by a state office where she was doing mouth to mouth on the youngster prior to being shipped to the medical clinic. At the point when Regan’s mom saw her little girl lying on the floor covered with blood and the fall furniture machines covered with a layer of red fluid, she called 911 preceding Parker’s capture.

What will befall Taylor Parker? Parker, who lives in Texas and is a mother of two, faked her pregnancy for close to ten months for dread that her beau Griffin would say a final farewell to her. While playing this show for about ten months, when it was the ideal opportunity for conveyance, she left without any choices and decided to kill Regan, her sweetheart Hancock, and take her child, asserting that it was her youngster.

Taylor was accused of homicide in October 2020. She could confront capital punishment, however later she acknowledged that the child was not her and that she killed Regan. It was likewise revealed that Parker even bid $100,000 for a proxy mother subsequent to lying about her pregnancy.

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