What is Andrew Hussie doing now? Wiki – Net Worth, Racist?

What is Andrew Hussie doing now? Wiki Bio Andrew Hussie was born in Massachusetts, USA on 25 August 1979, so his zodiac sign is Virgo and he holds American ethnicity. He is a craftsman and a writer, most popular for composing the assortment of web comics “MS Paint Undertakings” which is today viewed as the biggest assortment of comics counting in excess of 10,000 pages, while Andrew keeps on refreshing it routinely, and is chipping away at his new book.

The assortment is comprised of five unique comic series, every one of them ridiculing and mocking computer games. While it is broadly accepted that the whole comics were made in Microsoft Paint because of their name, Andrew was really working in Adobe Photoshop.

Early life and schooling Andrew was brought close by his brother up in Massachusetts by their dad who was a circuit repairman, and their mom who was instructing at a neighborhood secondary school. The family moved more than 50 times while Andrew was growing up, and the longest measure of time he spent in one spot was a year in Guam, while they at last got comfortable western Massachusetts.


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Andrew grew up being keen on PCs, beginning as an interest in messing around before he concluded he needed more, and started programming in dialects like C++ and Java, yet what he was interested to get familiar with the most about was to make brief tales in Paint and afterward in Adobe Photoshop.

He went to a public secondary school where he was a harassed to some degree since he played no games and was a recluse more often than not. After registration, he selected at Sanctuary College from which he graduated with a Four year certification in software engineering in 2001.

Profession as a craftsman and comics’ maker Andrew’s profession began when he started making comics, and transferred them onto discussions of a few computer games. He delivered “MS Paint Undertakings” in 2007, which included comic series “Escape”, while Andrew added “Poet Mission” (12 June to 6 July 2007), “Issue Detective” (10 Walk 2008 to 7 April 2009), “Homestuck” (13 April 2009 to 13 April 2016), “Homestuck Epilogs” (13 April to 20 April 2019), and “Homestuck 2” which he began making and transferring on 25 September 2019 and is as yet dealing with it.

He additionally chipped away at many satire recordings with Jan Van Dem Hemel somewhere in the range of 2006 and 2010, about the sci-fi television series “Star Journey: The Future”, while he likewise worked with his brother to make the video series “Barty’s Blend Ha” somewhere in the range of 2006 and 2011, which is about an erratic individual exploring the legendary animal Bigfoot.

Andrew has additionally helped send off a few computer games, for example, the rambling experience game “Hiveswap”, “Namco Trade” which turned out in 2013, “Hiveswap Friendsim” (2018), and “Pesterquest” (2019).


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Profession as an essayist Andrew transferred his most memorable book “Whistles, Book One (The Starlight Calliope)” onto the web in February 2005 – all is right with the world a two-page comic, however it wound up turning into an entire book on which he worked for a portion of a year.

He delivered Volume One of his subsequent book “Issue Detective” in 2009, called “Remuneration, Satisfactory, while Volume Two “This is Finished BS” continued in 2010. Around the same time he completed Volume Three “Admirer to the Sodajerk’s Friend”, and in 2017 finished Volume Four “Dark Fluid Distress”. He delivered Volume Five “Sepulchritude” in 2019, without saying whether this is the last Volume.

Andrew Hussie He has distributed his book “Homestuck” comprised of three volumes, which are firmly associated with the eponymous comics, while the manga distributer Viz Media separated his book in six volumes. One of Andrew’s most recent functions as an essayist has been “Sweet Brother and Hella Jeff”.

Love life and connections Andrew has kept the subtleties of his affection life stowed away from the media’s consideration, and this is only one reason why there are bits of hearsay coursing the web that the famous comics maker is gay.

A large number of his fans have expressed to have seen Andrew with another man being somewhat excessively near one another, while others have noticed how he looks ‘gayish’ in the photos he transfers onto his Instagram account. Andrew hasn’t remarked on the reports, yet has kidded about his relationship status on a few comic sites, as well as in the comics he has made.


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One more rumors from far and wide suggest that Andrew was in a drawn out relationship with a young lady he met during his lesser year at school – the two were supposedly together for north of three years prior to dividing ways after graduation, as they would have rather not happened with a remote relationship, but instead to chip away at their professions.

Leisure activities and different interests. Is Andrew bigot? Andrew appreciates going to gaming shows as well as Comic-Cons, and cosplay shows like Anime Exhibition in Los Angeles and Otakon in Baltimore. He jumps at the chance to travel, and has been to a few US states, while he’s likewise visited numerous European nations like Britain and Germany, and as of late Asia to go to a specific Comic Con.

Andrew likes to watch films in his extra time, and a portion of his number one entertainers and entertainers are Jim Carrey, Robin Williams and Meryl Strip, while a portion of his #1 motion pictures are “Bruce All-powerful”, “Fix Adams”, and “Satan Wears Prada”.


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He additionally prefers to watch energized parody series, with two of his top choices being “Rick and Morty” and “South Park”.

Andrew has kidded about in a real sense all that in his comics including race, and there have been a few themes on discussions, for example, Reddit.com about whether Andrew is a bigot. It shows up as the vast majority accept Andrew is just kidding, and isn’t exactly a bigoted individual.

Appearance and total assets Andrew is 40 years of age. He has short earthy colored hair and bruised eyes, is 5ft 3ins (1.61m) tall, and weighs around 140lbs (64kgs). As of April 2020, his total assets is assessed at more than $1.5 million.

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