What Is Turkish Singer Gulsen’s Religion And What Did She Say To Get Arrested?

Turkish Singer Gulsen is making a huge buzz, as she gets captured over a proclamation she said.

The famous Turkish Gülşen Çolakoğlu who is well known as Gulsen is all around the online entertainment and web for something which has brought her into a colossal contention. Gulsen has been ablaze for the remark, so we should get to realize about it better.

Gulsen has been in the Turkish music industry for over twenty years and has been constantly showered with adoration by her audience. The star vocalist appeared in the music business with her presentation collection, Be Adam in the year 1996, which was the way in to her excellent passage.

Gulsen has been getting a gigantic measure of positive gathering from music pundits, lyricists, performers, and other unmistakable craftsmen in the business all along of her music vocation. In the year 2015, Gulsen turned into the Top Turkish Singer with the most number of YouTube watchers.


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Following the year, the star vocalist likewise turned into the principal Turkish Singer to have a music video being seen 200 million times on YouTube separately. Achievement and acclaim rushed to be acquired by Gulsen, which assist with helping her certainty and confidence as well.

What Is Turkish Singer Gulsen’s Religion? Turkish vocalist Gulsen is from a family that began in Ordu and follows Islam as a religion.

Gulsen has not completely uncovered what religion she follows, in any case, we can realize that she follows Islam by seeing her folks and family foundation. Gulsen who was born in Turkey, an Islamic nation makes a significant chance of her being a Muslim lady.

Despite the fact that she gets a ton of analysis from individual Muslims for wearing uncovering garments in front of an audience and supporting LGBTQ straightforwardly in mass.

Gulsen has been in the Turkish music industry for quite a while and individuals love her for her ability to astound to mix popular and Ottoman music. Gulsen is well known for her bangers like,” Dan”, “Emrin Olur”, and “Bangir” to name a portion of the works of art.

Gulsen was born on May 29, 1976, in Faith, Islamabad, Turkey, in an Ordu-began family. Gulsen is the most youthful offspring of her folks being the third and the final remaining one. Gulsen is a prepared vocalist from the Turkish Classical Music Department of Istanbul Technical University.

Here are a few speedy realities about the well known vocalist Gulsen:

In 1995, the vocalist was found by maker Serap Turgay while acting in a bar, as per Wikipedia Gulsen was recently hitched to Murat Varol in 1996 yet later got separated in 2000. At present, she is hitched to Ozan Çolakoğlu and has one kid with him.

What Comment Made The Turkish Singer Get Arrested? As of late, famous Turkish Singer, Gulsen has been captured for a remark she made about Islamic Religious Schools in one of her recordings.

Gulsen was captured on the charges of “affecting contempt and hatred” in one of her recordings ere she was kidding about strict schools in Turkey. The video of her discussing the joke became famous online and a few Islamic gatherings got set off by her remark.


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Gulsen made the joke at one of her shows held in Istanbul, where she remarked while discussing one of her bandmate’s instructive foundations. The remark made by Gulsen was,” He went to the Imam Hatip Schools. That is where the depravity comes from.”

Subsequent to telling this wisecrack, a portion of individuals from the local area tracked down it hostile and began a hashtag, requesting her capture. After various reports, Gulsen was captured on Thursday and brought to jail forthcoming preliminary. The subject on which Gulsen remarked was a touchy point for a many individuals.

Imam Hatip Schools is gigantically delicate in the country as those having a place with the strict school network have been exposed to various attack outrages. Many reports have been held up that similar crimes are dynamic under open financing.

How Did Gulsen Apologize? Gulsen was confined on the 25th of August 2022, Thursday, and just from that point forward, she delivered a conciliatory sentiment proclamation through Twitter.


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Gülşen (@gulsen)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

Gulsen got captured for purportedly kidding and ridiculing Islamic strict schools which irritated the sensations of many individuals. Already, she has been designated by the Islamic gathering for wearing uncovering garments and supporting the LGBTQ people group out in the open.

As per her assertion delivered on Twitter, Gulsen said, “A joke that I have made with my partners, with whom I have worked for a long time, at work and in the work space, has been conspicuously distributed by individuals who expect to spellbind the general public.

I’m heartbroken that my words have given material to pernicious individuals who plan to captivate our country. In protecting the opportunity I have confidence in, I see myself tossed into the extreme end that I scrutinize. I am sorry to anybody who was outraged or annoyed by my discourse in the video. I needed to track down another dialect; I will find…”

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