“Where is Sofia Vergara?”: AGT: All-Stars fans wonder why Sofia Vergara was missing from the judges panel

America Has Ability (AGT) formally appeared its side project series AGT: All-Stars on Monday, January 2, 2023, at 8 pm ET on NBC. The show highlights 60 previous candidates from everywhere the world across a few Got Ability establishments vieing for an opportunity to bring home the sought after championship of “Got Ability: Title holder.” The debut episode saw the initial ten challengers show their ability before passes judgment on Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel.

While Present day Family star Sofia Vergara has been a piece of the AGT establishment beginning around 2015 was not to be seen. Fans and watchers back home saw her nonattendance and took to virtual entertainment to enquire about something similar. One tweeted:

The debut episode of AGT: All-Stars saw ten candidates, including previous champs, finalists, brilliant bell members, and that’s just the beginning, making that big appearance for another shot at coming out on top for the championship with $1 million. Have Terry Groups invited the appointed authorities, Simon, Howie, Heidi, and the watchers to the side project series.

Fans rushed to take note of that Sofia, who was most recently seen with the appointed authorities on the board in season 17 of the truth rivalry in 2022, was missing this time. Look at how they responded to this.

Subtleties on Sofia Vergara’s assumed nonattendance from AGT: All-Stars

Sofia Vergara has been one of the most loved decides that the establishment has at any point seen. So it was just regular that her nonattendance ignited a ton of inquiries. Notwithstanding the board being affirmed in October 2022, watchers were hoping to see her on their screens with her enchanting character and tomfoolery talk with individual adjudicators.

While Hi! magazine revealed that an explanation wasn’t given, March’s report expressed that the Cutting edge Family star had “focused on an acting position.” Sofia is yet to remark on her nonappearance nor has NBC formally put out an announcement making sense of something very similar. AGT: All-Stars was kept in the Late spring of 2022 preceding the circulating of the latest season 17 of the truth ability rivalry.

Sofia joined the AGT establishment in its fifteenth season in 2020, supplanting previous adjudicator Gabrielle Association, who left the show in November 2019, and has been on the passing judgment on board of the NBC series from that point forward. Her clever remarks, beguiling persona, and collaborations with contenders, judges, and the live audience have made her one of the fan top picks to pay special attention to each prepare.

The star has partaken in an effective sudden spike in demand for the series up until this point. She was most recently seen on season 17 when she gave her Brilliant Signal to The Mayyas, who additionally turned out to be delegated the season’s Bosses in September 2022. The Procession report additionally recommends that Sofia will have returned to shooting AGT season 18.

As of composing the article, the entertainer’s IMDb page records her next project, the Netflix series Griselda, in which she is set to depict famous Colombian medication dealer Griselda Blanco. She will be acting close by Alberto Guerra, Camilo Jiménez Varón, and Vanessa Ferlito. The show is at present in after creation, per Newsweek’s report, with a normal delivery date at some point in 2023.

While Sofia has hushed up about her nonattendance from the show, her Instagram page has been streaming with pictures with her significant other, Joe Manganiello, family, and companions. Joe as of late praised his 46th birthday celebration and according to her online entertainment, she additionally celebrated the New Year with him.
AGT: All-Stars will have ten competitors play out every week over a range of about two months. Every episode will have two demonstrations progressing to the finals; the appointed authorities’ Brilliant Ringer will choose one and the other by superfans, who will altogether decide in favor of their number one. The best ten and one trump card candidate will then, at that point, contend in the finals for the title.

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