Who Are Jennifer Aniston’s Half Siblings? All About John Melick III and Alexander Aniston

Meet Jennifer Aniston’s kin. The Companions entertainer has two stepbrothers, John Melick III and Alexander “AJ” Aniston.

Jennifer’s late mother, Nancy Dow, invited John III during her most memorable union with Jack Melick in 1959.

Her father, John Aniston — whose passing was as of late declared on Nov. 11 at age 89 — invited AJ during his second union with Sherry Rooney in 1989.

Throughout the long term, the entertainer has seldom been shot close by her half-kin; however they have infrequently joined her at debuts, they have kept their own lives hidden.

John III has sought after a lifelong in the entertainment world — yet not at all like his mom and stepsister, the two entertainers, he stays behind the camera.

Generally, Aniston doesn’t specify her kin to press, however she freely referred to John III when their mother died in May 2016. With respect to AJ, he carries on with a traveling way of life all the way out of the public eye. While Jennifer hasn’t spoken about him freely, he has opened up to journalists about his relative previously.

Jennifer has been open about her stressed relationship with her loved ones. “I pardoned my mother… I pardoned my dad. I’ve pardoned my family,” Jennifer said during a meeting for Charm’s December 2022 main story. “Who among us hasn’t attempted — effectively or not — to pardon our loved ones? … Families are things to be excused.”

Continue looking for all that to be familiar with Jennifer’s two half-kin.

John Melick III John Melick III is the child of Nancy Dow and her most memorable spouse Jack Melick. The previous couple marry in 1956 and invited their lone kid together in 1959.

After Nancy and Jack split, she wedded John Aniston in 1965. The two invited one youngster together, girl Jennifer, in 1969, making John III her more established stepbrother.

John III once in a while showed up out in the open with Jennifer, including at the Truly flawless debut with Jennifer and his stepfather John Aniston. Jennifer likewise referenced her brother in an explanation given after Dow’s demise: “It is with extraordinary misery that my brother John [Melick] and I declare the death of our mom Nancy Dow,” the entertainer said.

Like Nancy and Jennifer, John III has a lifelong in media outlets. He is an associate chief and creation supervisor known for his work on 1992’s Widespread Soldier, 2012’s Piranha 3DD and 2003’s Thirteen. In August 1995, John III wedded Shannon Melick. As indicated by Los Angeles court reports, apparently Shannon has sought legal separation from her better half, however it stays indistinct what their relationship status is presently. Data on their children stay private.

Alexander ‘AJ’ Aniston After Jennifer’s dad John split from Nancy, he wedded briefly time. John marry Sherry Rooney in 1984.

The two invited one kid together, child Alexander “AJ” Aniston, in 1989. AJ is the second of Jennifer’s stepbrothers. Not at all like Jennifer and her relative John, AJ has not sought after a lifelong in media outlets and stays under the radar. The last time he was seen freely with Jennifer was the point at which he went to the debut of her film Along Came Polly in 2004, when he was 14.

After nine years, he opened up to a Day to day Mail columnist at the Consuming Man live concert when requested a remark on his sister.

“It’s been occurring since center school [people getting some information about Jennifer]. It’s been an undeniable irritation for quite a long time. No remark.”

As per the Day to day Mail, AJ has taken on a traveling way of life, and has “Carry on with total freedom” inked across his chest and “Down to Nestle” inked on his lower stomach.

Jennifer hasn’t spoken about him in any open meetings.

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