Who Is Ben Van Kerkwyk On The Joe Rogan Experience?

Ben Van Kerkwyk is a creator who showed up in The Joe Rogan Experience. Ben Van Kerkwyk is the maker of UnchartedX.

Ben is an undeniable level technologist with mastery in Server farm Organization Design and Cloud functional systems. He is likewise associated with the computerization systems and advancements of programming stacks.

According to LinkedIn, his skill is mostly founded on understanding, assessing, and incorporating new advancements to meet the goals of the business and architecting answers for meeting business prerequisites.


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He is as of now taking a rest from IT and zeroing in on his site and YouTube channel.

Who Is Ben Van Kerkwyk On The Joe Rogan Experience? The IT expert Ben Van Kerkwyk showed up on The Joe Rogan Experience.

Ben was in the digital recording with Jimmy Corsetti on the 1928 episode. A bit of the Digital broadcast was posted on January 19, 2023, on the JRE123 Youtube channel, which has 1.76 thousand supporters, and the video has north of 400 perspectives.

He has twenty years of involvement with the IT and systems administration industry. He has a BSc in Software engineering from James Cook College and is known for different programming dialects. He likewise studied at the Public College of Singapore.

He filled in as an answer draftsman at HP Proficient Administrations from 1998 to 2002 for quite a long time and specialized expert from 2002 to 2004 at ProCurve Systems administration by HP for quite a long time in Australia.

The creator later worked at Hewlett Packard Undertaking for a very long time in many situations, from Worldwide Future Innovation Arrangements from 2006 to 2008 and Worldwide Item Chief for over three years.

He was then elevated to Draftsman Server farm and Center Development Innovation Gathering Aruba Systems administration for north of six years in Roseville, California.

Beginning around 2016, he has functioned as a board part on the loose at Coldstream Farm Land Owners Assoc and has been working there for quite a long time.


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He has the greater part of his experience from Hewlett Packard Venture and Aruba Systems administration. He began with specialized pre-deals, plan, and LAN, WAN, and WLAN organizations.

From that point onward, he went through the most recent seven years functioning as a technologist with key innovation arranging and new arrangement plan in Server farms and Cloud.

Through his experience working in a few organizations, he has had many encounters with industry occasions, press briefings, deals open doors, huge client introductions, and expert briefings.

Ben Van Kerkwyk Considerations On Atlantis Hypothesis Ben Van Kerkwyk went on the Joe Rogan Experience and gave his knowledge on the Atlantis Hypothesis.

The YouTube channel of Joe contains a piece of the digital broadcast of the two visitors, Ben and Jimmy, discussing the Atlantis Hypothesis, which was delivered on January 18, 2023.

Ben gives a concise knowledge into the Richat structure. The design is situated in the western Sahara desert of Mauritania, otherwise called the eye of the Sahara.

A sight individuals have never seen or heard. A topographical construction is volcanic, and it likewise matches the depiction of the lost old capital city of Atlantis.

He additionally discusses the beginning of Plato’s portrayal story of mud and grasses. He expressed he had been investigating these subjects and figured out some of them match the histories of the antiquated Egyptians.

He added that something many refer to as a unique point or early stage island, an island encompassed by sinking water, made a Hawk’s Roost. He likewise discusses the obscure divine beings and an entire past culture.

He tells the audience that the tale of Atlantis came from Egypt and gives a connection to how the Egyptians are connected to the Atlantis Hypothesis.

Ben Is The Maker Of UnchartedX.com Ben Van Kerkwyk is the maker of UnchartedX.com.


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Subsequent to taking a rest from the IT business, he began UnchartedX, where he investigates the hypotheses and secrets of the past.

Ben claims and runs UnchartedX, where he explores the secrets of the beginnings of human civilizations and the inconsistencies existing inside history.

He searches for the indications of old innovation and assesses the logical proof that could influence the account of the past.

He has a site and YouTube channel where he has more than 300 thousand supporters. He has likewise showed up in many digital broadcasts, like the Joe Rogan Experience and Koncrete.

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