Who is FaZe Temperrr? His Boxing Record!

After Dillon Danis retreated from the battle seven days before it was set to happen, KSI has tracked down a substitution fighter.

On January 14 at Wembley Field, the YouTuber will battle Bother Temperrr as a component of the Loners boxing program. At the point when Temperrr confronted KSI, he was initially planned to battle on the undercard. Who precisely is Upset Temperrrr, and what kind of record does he have as a fighter? Realize about KSI’s new opponent here!

Who is Bother Temperrr? Brazilian web VIP Upset Temperrrr has an enormous following via online entertainment stages. Like KSI, the YouTuber was born on August 25, 1993, making them both 29 years of age. Subsequent to experiencing childhood in Brazil, he at last advanced toward New York.

As an aspect of his responsibilities, he likewise habitually visits different regions of the planet. Thomas Oliveira is Temperrr’s actual character. A gathering gave to both esports and diversion, Fluster Group was made by him and his partners a couple of years prior. North of 8 million individuals have bought into his channel, which is likewise named after the gathering.

Oliveira used to share recordings he made with his buddies on a mysterious YouTube direct before all else. Notwithstanding Adjust, Astro, and Banks, Fluster Tribe presently incorporates a large number of other compelling gamers. Emma Smith and Temperrr are locked in and arranging their wedding. Before Christ the Deliverer, the two traded promises last November. It was declared on Instagram, and KSI rushed to compliment the love birds with “Congratulations man.” Bother Temperrr’s Boxing Record The YouTube gamer is 2-1 in past sessions against rivals beyond YouTube.

His most memorable expert session was against Ruler Kenny, and keeping in mind that being governed the failure from the start, he in the long run won on a re-score.

After the battle, he pursued the choice to the boxing commission, who in the long run controlled in support of himself.

On the undercard of KSI’s ‘Two Battles, One Night’ occasion in August 2022, he looked facing YouTuber Thin Albaher for the subsequent time.

He was disposed of from the opposition, by the by. A battle versus Overtflow happened in the long stretch of November, and he won by knockout. Obviously Temperrr overshadows KSI, who measures in at a more humble 178.4 cm in level, because of his impressive 185 cm height. However, he weighs not exactly KSI. The English MC is 87.6 kg heavier than Temperrr, who is just 80 kg.

KSI and Temperrr will Face Each Other on January 14 On Saturday, January 14, at 10:30 p.m., two YouTubers will contend in a six-round light-heavyweight session.

The battle is booked for London’s OVO Field in Wembley. A couple of hours after Dillon Danis pulled out from the session, Temperrr was named as his substitution.

With one more win in the following match, KSI will attempt to broaden his series of wins.

His past two triumphs came on that very night in August 2022, against Swartz and Luis Alcarez Pineda. He had been on endless leave since Logan Paul thumped him off his game in mid 2019.

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