Who Is Sig Hansen Daughter Melissa Eckstrom? Facts You Did Not Know About Her

However many individuals didn’t have any idea, Melissa Eckstrom is the most youthful alienated little girl of “Deadliest Catch” star Sig Hansen. There is a valid justification behind very few individuals looking into her. However, before all that, let us first know who Sign Hansen’s little girl Melissa Eckstrom truly is.

Who Is Sig Hansen’s Daughter Melissa Eckstrom? Melissa Eckstrom, 34, is a lawyer situated in Seattle, Washington, DC. She is an alienated little girl of an American boat commander, Sigurd Jonny Hansen’s (generally known as Sig Hansen) first spouse, Lisa Eckstrom. The previous pair got separated from in 1992 following their chaotic court fight.

Melissa, the firstborn, presently fills in as a lawyer in Seattle and helps individuals confronting an extensive variety of regulation issues. In 2014, Melissa graduated with her Juris Doctor certificate from Seattle University School of Law.

The 34 years of age passed her Washington State Bar paper that very year she started providing legal counsel. Sig Hansen’s alienated little girl covers many cases, including divorce, care issues, post-separate from adjustments, and so forth.

She covers family regulation, criminal protection, aggressive behavior at home, and DUI in her regulation practice. She additionally centers around quick in and out, drug charges, and driving while-suspended cases. Melissa has her own firm in Seattle named Eckstrom Law Firm, PLLC.

Melissa’s previous college chose Eckstrom Law Firm to be a piece of its Low Bono Incubator Program. It has without a doubt assisted Melissa with developing her firm. Eckstrom’s essential objective is to assist her clients with continuing on with their own personal business. What separates her from others is she can connect with her clients having confronted bad form in her life.

Alienated Daughter Sued Sig Hansen of Molesting Following 28 years, the attack energizes were acquired court by a lawyer, Melissa herself. Because of the supposed attack in 1990, the family regulation lawyer Melissa shared how she struggled discouragement, dietary problems, and injury during her life as a youngster. She recorded her claim in King County Superior Court in 2016 in view of clinical discoveries, CPS managing case manager’s decisions, and assessment from her Therapists.

The Alaskan crab boat chief actually accepts that his ex and alienated little girl are plotting against him and perspectives it as just ‘antiquated investigation’, he told The Seattle Times.

Facts You Did Not Know About Sig Hansen’s Estranged Daughter Melissa Eckstrom

  1. Melissa Eckstrom was born in 1988 in Seattle, Washington, DC, to her mother, Lisa Eckstrom.
  2. She is now a 34-year-old attorney based in Seattle. She has her own firm, Eckstrom Law Firm, PLLC.
  3. Seattle University School of Law selected her firm as a part of its Low Bono Incubator Program. The association helped Eckstrom grow her firm to new heights.
  4. Eckstrom’s practice areas are Family Law, Criminal Defense, and Domestic Violence.
  5. She covers family law cases like divorce, custody, plan modifications, domestic violence, hit and runs, drug charges, etc. But above all, her main goal is to help her clients reach their goals.
  6. She earned her Juris Doctor in Seattle University School of Law in 2014. The same year, she passed her Washington State Bar papers to practice her law legally.
  7. Furthermore, she is the least-known daughter of “Deadliest Catch” star Sig Hansen. In 1990, her mother filed a lawsuit against Hansen after allegedly accusing him of molesting his then two years old daughter, Melissa.
  8. Now a law attorney herself, Melissa brought this case to King County Superior Court in 2016, gathering all the medical findings.

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