Who Is Tarek Zahed? Bikie Boss Arrested Over 2014 Murder Of Youssef Assoum

The guilty party of the 2014 Tarek Zahed has been captured responsible for the Murder Of Youssef Assoum from Sydney, making a buzz on the web.

Comanchero bikie Tarek Zahed, the excellent suspect of the 2014 gangland murder, stood out as truly newsworthy after his sensational captured by vigorously furnished police in trying sunlight on Sunday outside an exercise center in Auburn.

He was hauled out of the vehicle prior to being hit with sleeves on New South Head Road for his supposed association in the hidden world killing of Youssef Assoum.

According to the reports, Comanchero bikie confessed to kill and kidnaped and will show up at Downing Center Local Court. Prior, he was shot multiple times in a hit that brought about the existences of his more youthful brother, Omar.

For his capture, tip top officials shot elastic slugs through the window of a dark BMW conveying the fugitive bike club’s public sergeant-at-arms.

Who Is Tarek Zahed? Tarek Zahed is an Australian Comanchero bikie pioneer and criminal cruiser club’s public Sergeant At Arms.

The biker, renowned as ‘Balenciaga Bikie’, was hurried to the medical clinic in basic condition and was taken into a medical procedure with projectile injuries to his head and body, including one that penetrated straight through his eyeball.

The sources uncovered Tarek is lighthearted notwithstanding confronting the ten shots that prompted totally lost sight in his right eye, delivering him practically visually impaired as he previously had diminished vision in his left eye.

The Comanchero bikie’s quick recuperation surprised specialists, and he was let out of the emergency clinic under two months after the fact following an extended conversation about whether he would require appendages severed

Tarek Zahed Arrested Over 2014 Murder Of Youssef Assoum Zahed’s popular Bikie Boss’ capture comes after he was shot close by his brother Omar at a rec center in western Sydney in May and phenomenally made due.

Comanchero public president Allan Meehan last Sunday posted a photograph close by the hidden world figure and two different partners, all decked out in creator garments and gems at a Melbourne eatery.

Before this capture, Tarek burned through eight months in occasional detainment after he utilized a canine to assault, and he was in a correctional facility for quite some time responsible for trampling a man’s skull over a medication quarrel.

Bikie top dog, Tarek will stay in jail and showed up in Sydney’s Downing Center Local Court on Monday morning subsequent to being captured at gunpoint during a vehicle stop on New South Head Rd, Edgecliff.

Tarek Zahed Wife And Family Bio There is no data about Tarek Zahid’s better half in the media. He has not shared anything connected with his adoration life, he is single.

According to records, Tarek was shot by a gathering of hired gunmen in the rec center of Auburn because of which his brother Omar lost his life.

The bikie manager was followed by his foes in light of the Tiktok video he made displaying his abs in the rec center. His area was followed in light of the video and his opponent’s refined shooting.

The Comanchero heavyweight was arrested and accused of homicide and seize in organization with the aim to commit a serious indictable offense.

Tarek Zahed Nationality Tarek Zahed has a place with the Australian Nationality.

Starting around 2022, he is 41 years, was born in Victoria, Australia, in 1980, and is famous with the name Balenciaga Clad Crime Lord in the field of high-profile Australian wrongdoing.

In the wake of carrying out his prison punishment, the Bikie Boss was proclaimed the public Sergent athArms of the bandit cruiser club.

Crime crew leader Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty said the capture finished a drawn out examination concerning the 2014 gangland murder.

The Balenciaga Bikie’s life of wrongdoing course of events

Year Records
2022 Arrested and charged with two counts of contravening serious crime prevention order

at Barangaroo in Sydney punching a man and leaving for Lebanon.

2004 spent five years behind bars after stomping on a man’s skull over a drug feud
2001 spent eight months in periodic detention after he used a dog to attack someone
1995 Zahed was convicted of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, resisting arrest and assaulting police.
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