Who Was Andrew Hong, Toronto Police Officer? Killed In ‘Ambush’ Check Suspect Name

As indicated by the latest reports, Toronto cop Andrew Hong was shot to death. On Monday evening, the occurrence happened at a café in Mississauga, Ontario.

The first of a series of shots that likewise brought about the passings of another fellow and three others is being depicted by the police as a ridiculous trap.

As per reports, the shooting included three regions. Most of the general population was cautioned by the police about a spurred shooter who was furnished and hazardous.

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Studies show that the shootout killed one cop while harming three others. On Monday, it occurred at a few areas in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

The shooter was before long distinguished by the specialists as Shawn Petry, 30. In the city of Hamilton, he was moved toward by the police and later killed.

How about we note that the shooting occurred in three areas and brought about a crisis notice being given for the whole region of Ontario.

The principal photograph shoot started at around 2 PM in Mississauga, a GTA town.

The cop, Andrew Hong, died while being captured. Constable Andrew Hong, a veteran of the Toronto Police, was recognized as the departed official.

Different people who supported extra injuries during the shooting have not yet been recognized.

Strip police boss Nishan Duraiappah considered the assault on the 48-year-old official a “trap”.

Barely an hour after the fact, there was clearly a second snapping of pictures on a similar area.

On Monday, a firefight in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) killed three individuals: two regular citizens and a cop.  Const. 48 years of age has been recognized as the official. Stephen Hong  It was uncovered that Shakeel Ashraf, the proprietor of an auto mechanics shop, was the other casualty. As per reports, the shooting occurred in various areas all through Ontario. It conveyed an alarm for a crisis across the domain.

Shawn Petry, 30, was distinguished as the shooter subsequently. Frenzy was shot, and the suspect likewise died.  The justification for the shootout is yet obscure. Two individuals lost their lives and two others supported wounds in a Milton, Ontario, auto mechanics shop.

Shakeel Ashraf, the casualty in this occasion, was distinguished.  He was the proprietor of the business where the photographs were taken. As per studies, the suspect was killed during a police experience close to a burial ground not long after 4 PM.

Hamilton Police immediately pronounced that the circumstance had been contained and that there could have been at this point not a danger to the overall population.

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