Who won Jeopardy! tonight? January 11, 2023, Wednesday

Two-day champion Connor Singes got back to Risk! Season 39 with a spic and span episode on Wednesday, January 11, 2023.

Hailing from Sovereigns, New York, the duplicate supervisor banked an aggregate sum of $43,999 from two games. In the most recent episode, he got back to shield his success for the third time.

Connor was facing two new players — Yogesh Raut, a blogger, podcaster and independent essayist initially from Springfield, Illinois, and Andrew Whatley, a scholarly head from Chicago, Illinois.

Every one of the three players were facilitated by Peril! alum Ken Jennings in the January 11 episode.

Since Cris Pannullo and Beam Lalonde’s leave, the game show has not found any players who could outperform the three-day mark. In the January 11 episode, returning boss Connor Burns neglected to keep up with his series of wins in his third game.

The classes in the main round included “That is So Last Hundred years, The Film Competitor’s Game, About Mexico, What In The Spun… , Ponies On Wheels, Search High and Low.”

The new episode saw another player controlling the scoreboard. Youngish Raut found his very first Everyday Twofold and figured out how to sack a five-figure score before the primary business break. Toward the finish of cycle 1, he offered 13 right responses with zero erroneous reactions and banked $12,400. The present returning hero, Connor, offered nine right and one wrong response, while new player Andrew Whatley accurately addressed seven inquiries. Connor and Andrew had a tie as both of their scores were $3,800, separately.

In the subsequent round, the classes were “The Ex-State Capital, Verifiable television, Fit for Your Abilities, Science Words, Problematic Book Titles, Score To Settle.”

The Twofold Peril round was a peculiar section with Connor wrapping up in third spot, scoring an extremely low sum. He offered two right and three inaccurate responses, which cut down his score to $1,800. The two new players, then again, lived it up in cycle 2 as every one of them saw as a Day to day Twofold. In spite of betting a lesser sum in Everyday Twofold, Yogesh was driving the game. His second-round score was $30,800 and Andrew’s score was $20,800.

In the Last Risk round, each of the three players offered the right response. It appeared to be a simple piece of information for the players to figure the response. While Andrew bet nothing, Connor went with $223. Yogesh, who was at that point driving in the present game, faced a challenge and bet $10,801. Luckily, the podcaster offered the right response and figured out how to cross the $40,000 mark in his most memorable game.

Along these lines, Yogesh Raut won Peril! today. The classification for the last round in the January 11 episode was “Pop Stars,” and the last inquiries/sign read:

“In 2022 she turned into the main lady to have a Board Top 10 collection in fifty years beginning with the 1980s.”
The right solution to the last piece of information was “Madonna.”

Each of the three players addressed the last inquiry accurately and won their individual betting sums. Investigate the end-product of the January 11 episode:

Yogesh Raut: $30,800 + $10,801 = $41,601 (Who is Madonna) (1-day absolute: $41,601)

Andrew Whatley: $20,800 + $0 = $20,800 (Who is Madonna?)

Connor Burns: $1,800 + $223 = $2,023 (Who is Madonna?)

The present end-product made new player Yogesh the one-day boss of season 39. He crushed two-day champ Connor in the most recent episode and banked $41,601.

Yogesh will get back to play his second game in the following episode, which will air on Thursday, January 12, 2023.

Danger! Season 39 airs new episodes from Monday through Friday.

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