Whoopi Goldberg Explains Why She Doesn’t Have Eyebrows: ‘They Put Them On and Take Them Off’

If you’ve never seen that Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t have eyebrows, don’t feel awful – – even those working personally with her have never recognized it!

On Monday, the 66-year-old opened up with her co-has on The View, revealing the clarification she chooses to keep her face eyebrow-less. During a part examining the new example of celebrities whitening and shaving their eyebrows, the performer figured out that her mother was well ready and first shaved off her eyebrows as a youth.

“I had eyebrows as a little kid and you know how men get those thumps? I started to get them everywhere, so my mother killed them,” Goldberg granted to her co-has, Sara Haines, Ana Navarro, Radiant Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin.

She added that she just “kept on doing it since I haven’t the faintest idea about my face with eyebrows aside from assuming I’m working – – they put them on and take them off.”

Haines yielded she “will not at any point observe” that Goldberg didn’t have them, even ensuing to exploring the Sister Act star’s face on the program for a long while. Navarro agreed, with Griffin seeing that Goldberg’s face is so expressive she doesn’t need eyebrows.

“Since tune in, what you can see everywhere, you know where they went. You know where they are. You see. So while you’re looking at me, your eye sees eyebrows when there are none,” Goldberg said.

ET consulted with Goldberg in July about the long awaited Sister Act 3, and remembering that she played reluctant when gotten some data about the looming film, Goldberg made sense of on how the timing was great for a third film.

“I’ve been endeavoring to do this for quite a while,” she said. “I was informed no one was enthused about this. It requires a second for people to recognize they should eliminate their foot from their mouth.”

“It’s coming. We need to shoot it, but it’s working,” Goldberg added. “You’re never totally content with a content since something you find is you need to have the space to roll out an improvement if you truly have any desire to. Now and again what looks right on paper doesn’t rise up out of your mouth the right way. You want to move it around a smidgen yet I’m very certain people will be merry.”

Goldberg – – who highlighted as Deloris Van Cartier and her onlooker security change mental self view, Sister Mary Clarence, in the 1992 Sister Act remarkable film and the side project the following year – – continued to share what it looks like to step by and by into the shoes of her character 30 years after the essential film was conveyed.

“It feels right,” she got a handle on. “Since we did Sister Act 1 and 2 consistently, which is the explanation I think they are genuinely great. Regardless, as of now you need a couple of room on it and you truly need to let [my character] grow up and transform into an adult which’s happened. We’ll see. She was an adult when she started at this point she’s essentially to a greater extent an adult as of now.”

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