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Anthony Huber was one of two persons shot and killed by Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin, during rioting and protests in response to the police death of Jacob Blake. His family claims he died as a hero while attempting to tackle a shooter, and that he was well-known for his passion for skating.

Huber was remembered as intelligent, kind, and a semi-pro skateboarder.
Huber was an excellent skateboarder. “He was a well-liked skater in Kenosha, and he leaves behind a partner and a young child,” one comment contributor wrote.

“This is Anthony Huber, one of the individuals shot dead last night in #Kenosha during the protests and pandemonium that followed,” journalist Pari Cruz shared this image on Twitter.

“His partner, according to the obituary, hailed him as the smartest, kindest, and the most loved person she had ever known.” He was a highly good skater who became semi-pro in his early teens, according to her. They’re hoping that people will skate in his honor at Kenosha’s Basik Skate Park #SkateForHuber #RIP.”

“I just want Anthony to be remembered as a guy who was simply trying to get his life back on track after some early difficult years, and who was making genuine progress in that regard,” Huber’s great-aunt, Susan Hughes, said. During the trial, she mentioned his love of skating.

“No verdict will be able to restore Anthony Huber’s and Joseph Rosenbaum’s lives, cure Gaige Grosskreutz’s injuries, or mend the scars or suffering suffered by Jacob Blake and his family,” Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers said in a statement following the findings.

Criminal Case Against Anthony Huber

According to the Washington Post, Huber and Jacob Blake knew each other; they had “friends in common and had smoked marijuana together,” therefore he wanted to take part in the protests.

When cops arrived, they were confronted by a woman who asked for help. Blake was wanted on suspicion of sexual assault when he was shot, and he carried a knife and refused to surrender, as well as attempting to flee in a car containing small children, according to the DA.

According to The Washington Post, Huber wanted to photograph the protests because he was outraged by police shootings.

Huber had a tough childhood and informed his fiancée, Hannah Gittings, and other acquaintances that his mother was a hoarder, which caused “continuous stress,” according to the Post. He suffered from bipolar disorder. He met his partner in a local pub and experimented with heroin for the first time in seven years. Regardless, he was smoking a trippy vape pen.

“It was difficult for him to acquire job once he was freed from jail,” the Washington Post stated. According to the Post, they slept on the couches of friends for a spell, and he helped her avoid narcotics. Gittings skated to get out of “that disgusting place,” as he described the clutter. However, once his mother was evicted, Huber’s uncle permitted him to stay in the house for a short while. They cleaned out the house, and he saw it as an opportunity to “apologize.”

Weapons by Anthony Huber

According to Rittenhouse’s defense attorneys, the skateboard was the tool Huber utilized as potentially lethal weaponry to halt Rittenhouse. Prosecutors said that the crowd, including Huber, had a legal right to intervene against a “active shooter.”

Rittenhouse shot and killed Rosenbaum, who had pursued him into a car park and was lunging for his gun in an attempt to grab it, at close range.

Then he ran down the street (according to trial testimony, Huber struck him with his skateboard for the first time here), tripped, and was harassed by a large number of people.

On the way to Rittenhouse, he is shown on video and photographs running over him with a skateboard for the second time and attempting to steal his firearm. Rittenhouse then fired, striking him in the sternum. Huber collapsed and died shortly afterwards.

Gaige Grosskreutz said that as he approached Rittenhouse, he displayed a weapon at him while advancing at close range. Rittenhouse shot him in the arm, but Grosskreutz survived.

Huber had a lengthy criminal record

Huber has a criminal record as well. According to court records, Huber was convicted of disorderly conduct as a repeat domestic abuse offender in Wisconsin in 2018. It was simply a misdemeanor infraction. He was arrested for possessing drug paraphernalia.

In Indiana, where he had been residing since 2009, he was sentenced to three years in prison. His most serious conviction followed a felony conviction for domestic abuse. According to court documents, he was also convicted of felony false imprisonment with a dangerous weapon.

The judge found him not guilty of second-degree reckless endangerment, two charges of disorderly conduct, and one count of violence. He was prohibited from possessing weapons and from contacting any ladies.

Corey Chirafisi, Rittenhouse’s defense attorney, provided additional information regarding the case in court. It turned out to be his brother.

There were no contact orders in any of those cases, and he was not permitted to possess weapons.