William And Zachary Zulock Were Charged With Child Abuse And Trafficking

On July 27, 2022, Atlanta couple William and Zachary Zulock were captured in Oxford, an upscale area close to Atlanta, Georgia, for purportedly manhandling and dealing their two embraced young men. The pair were accused of a large number of misuse related wrongdoings in August 2022.

As indicated by Fox News, the two supposedly affirmed to police that they disseminated unlawful film of kid misuse. They did, be that as it may, enter a not-liable supplication in court. Assuming they are found blameworthy all in all, they might confront nine life sentences.

William and Zachary Zulock compelled their youngsters into unlawful associations with more seasoned guys. As per the Walton District Sheriff’s Office, the couple physically mishandled their embraced young men as well as archived a few episodes of misuse, pushing them to partake in ill-advised communications with other grown-up guys.

The young people, a kin pair, were supposed to be in 3rd and 4th grades at the hour of the attack. As indicated by the Antigua Newsroom, William and Zachary Zulock were wealthy money managers. While William Zulock, 33, worked for the public authority, Zachary Zulock, 35, worked in banking. As indicated by the New York Post, they were by all accounts a common couple on all fronts, with Zachary’s Instagram portraying him as a “extremist” and “Father to our two astonishing children.”

The pair were captured when the Walton Area Sheriff’s Office got allegations that somebody in Oxford was downloading unlawful movies of kid misuse. While researching the allegations, specialists found that the film being downloaded was purportedly made by William and Zachary Zulock.

A Walton District Sheriff’s Office delegate expressed in an authority explanation:

“A little group was engaged to going directly to the youngsters to ensure their wellbeing, while one more group worked with the grown-ups in the house to get what is happening.”

The assertion proceeded to say:

“Proof that both grown-up guys — the receptive fathers of the kin pair remaining in the home — were taking part in s*xually harmful activities and film catching this misuse was found during the execution of the court order.”

William and Zachary Zulock were blamed for making the illegal films and scattering them to various others. They supposedly sent the video to Tracker Mud Rebellious, 27, and Armando Vizcarro-Sanchez, both of whom are blamed for being important for a kid misuse organization.

Tracker Mud Rebellious said that, despite the fact that he never effectively attacked the youngsters, Zachary Zulock would urge him to observe the maltreatment while likewise giving his pictures consistently. It is obscure if Tracker Earth Untamed and Armando Vizcarro-Sanchez were straightforwardly engaged with the wrongdoing.

Meauwww expressed that the Zulocks took on the young men through a Christian exceptional requirements association. As per the Walton Area Sheriff’s Office, the Region School Locale was basic in recognizing the kid casualties and helping out the examination.