Woman assaults brothers, cops over mobile addiction

Farrukhabad, Sep 20 (IANS) In a stunning episode, a young lady endeavored to strangulate her two more youthful brothers when they prevented her from making video reels.

They held up a protest with the police and when the lady was arrested, she attacked ladies constables, tore their uniform, and got rowdy with the station in control.

Police said that Akash Rajput alongside his senior brother Jaikishan Rajput had held up a protest at Farrukhabad’s Mau Darwaza police headquarters blaming his senior sister Aarti for attempting to strangulate him.

Akash said that sister Aarti had a dependence of making reel and transferring it on Instagram. Notwithstanding, nowadays his sister was overdoing it and posting senseless recordings. The circumstance came to such a pass that his companions began insulting him and ridiculing him and his sister.

At the point when he fought with his sister, she went after him fiercely as well as even attempted to strangulate him to death. At the point when his brother Jaikishan acted the hero, she didn’t extra him and attacked him.

Akash said that the sister has been acting unusually commonly even with their dad Badam Singh.

On getting the grumbling, station in control Amod Kumar Singh sent a lady constable and a home gatekeeper to carry Aarti to the police headquarters.

At the police headquarters, as well, she made a high-voltage show, and seeing her brother Akash there, she went after him once more. At the point when the ladies constables attempted to conciliate her, she even abused them.

Monitor Amod Kumar Singh said two bodies of evidence have been held up against Aarti.

“One under segment 307 (endeavor to murder) and second thrashing the female constable, tearing her uniform and deterring government work. Aarti has been shipped off prison,” Singh added.