“Worst fears as an educator”: Riverbend High School fight sparks concern online

On Tuesday, January 17, Reddit client DigitalDemon021 posted film of a fight at Riverbend Secondary school in Spotsylvania, Virginia, that might have left a youngster deadened.

Disclaimer: The accompanying video contains portrayals of viciousness that might be upsetting to certain watchers. Attentiveness is encouraged.

Film of the episode shows a few youngsters in a mass fight in the foyer of Riverbend Secondary School. At a certain point, two little fellows in track jeans and dull coats should be visible trading punches, before one of the understudies gets the other and hammers him on the floor.

In the repercussions of the hammer, the understudy who was tossed should be visible lying unmoving as different teenagers keep on battling around him. In the long run, grown-ups should be visible entering the scene and endeavoring to assist the young person while educators with attempting to prevent different understudies from battling.

Accordingly, Reddit client DeadEyeDraw portrayed the fight as a bad dream ish circumstance. The client remarked:

“A battle like this is one of my most terrible feelings of trepidation as a teacher. Seeing one of my children pummeled this way, by another of my children is a shocking thought.”

Riverbend Secondary School has not made an authority announcement in regards to the occurrence. The names of the adolescents in question, including the kid who fell oblivious after the hammer, stay undisclosed.

In light of the video of the battle, which has since circulated around the web, numerous netizens noticed that it created the impression that the youngster banged in the video might have encountered a seizure.

“Was the buddy on the floor having a seizure? I feel awful for the educators there brother.”

Twitter client Paula Jones expressed that battles at Riverbend are incessant:

“My girl goes to this school and battles are continuous and it was a few battles simultaneously … if it’s not too much trouble, petition God for every one of the children in question”

Considering the cases that viciousness was normal at the secondary school, numerous netizens communicated compassion toward the educators, who evidently need to separate battles consistently. A few clients noticed that the educators endeavoring to stop the teenagers were moderately aged, with one lady having all the earmarks of being a senior.

While the situation with the understudy who was harmed in the video stays hazy, one Reddit client, RosesSpins, noticed that the place of his body might have shown that he supported a significant head injury:

“What he was doing is known as a “Fencer’s Posture” or a “Fencer’s Seizure.” It is characteristic of a serious horrible cerebrum injury. Incapacitation will be the least of this young fellow’s concerns. This is frightening to watch.”

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