Xavi demands improvement from Barcelona after Bayern defeat

Barcelona chairman Xavi weeped over his side’s shortfall of relentlessness before true after their 2-0 misfortune to Bayern Munich on Tuesday night.

A holding experience went into half time goalless anyway two strikes in four last part minutes from Lucas Hernandez and Leroy Normal saw Bayern ensure every one of the three places and go top of Gathering C.

Barça set out open ways to score, but striker Robert Lewandowski had an off night before objective against his old side while Pedri hit the woodwork when the visitors were 2-0 down.

“We were better than Bayern in various perspectives,” Xavi said. “We were better genuinely and we overpowered the important half. I’m enraged considering the way that it was a day to win. It’s a learning experience, yet totally it’s hard. We didn’t score notwithstanding having seven clear prospects. You really want to score them. I’m irritated at this point happy.

“Accepting we evened out, we could say that we were better, yet this is connected to winning. The main goal was from a corner and the second from not ending counter-attacks. We want to work on that. They’re a completed gathering, yet we’re close to the beginning of an endeavor. We want to deal with these perspectives.

“It’s furthermore about suitability. You get before the goalkeeper and you want to score. The essential half was splendid, we had them in their half, we overpowered them and we won duels. We reserved the option to win.

Bayern Munich 2-0 Barcelona: Player assessments as Hernandez and Normal strike “To acquire from our mistakes. Exactly when the situation is dreadful, you learn. You can’t go 1-0 down from a corner like that. They should not be all set inside on a counter-attack. We want to learn. We’re leaving with a 2-0 scoreline, which isn’t what we saw on the pitch.”

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