“Your choices were beautiful”: Celebrity IOU fans impressed with Drew Barrymore’s renovation ideas for her best friend’s home

VIP IOU season 5 episode 8 broadcasted on HGTV this Monday, January 2, at 8 pm ET. In the episode, Drew Barrymore amazed her dearest companion and make-up craftsman of 20 years, Debra Ferullo, by redesigning her parlor, kitchen, and external deck with the assistance of Drew and Jonathan Scott.

Not at all like a few superstars, Attracted chose to spend time with the Property Brothers for quite some time and came to a few powerful conclusions about the progressions being made in the house. She assisted the VIP IOU specialists with obliterating the kitchen cupboards and porch entryways utilizing a demo hammer. She likewise utilized a saw to cut the deck’s wire and limit.

That separated, she purchased a redid oven involving her associations in an Italian equipment organization and was effectively ready to go with some serious plan choices, similar to the railings and wires of the deck, on a video call.

Barrymore committed a horrible error when she involved a drill in full power, nearly harming Jonathan and demolishing a piece of the porch entryway, however the Big name IOU has told her that it very well may be handily filled. In spite of heading out to one more state for a shoot, the entertainer permitted the Property Brothers to call her whenever.

The brothers were additionally intrigued by her bits of knowledge while picking the hardwood tiles and the shade of the kitchen’s island. They felt that Drew knew more than a portion of the other remodel specialists and let Debra know that her home was revamped with “such a lot of affection” from her companion.

VIP IOU fans were dazzled with Attracted’s strong decisions the episode and lauded her redesign style.

In the episode, Debra referred to Drew her as “team promoter” and the last option told her that they would be together until their demises. Debra said that Drew’s family and her experience were altogether different, yet together they were one another’s “ride-or-die.”

Fans were moved by the dear fellowship between the two ladies and applauded Drew for paying special attention to her closest companion.

HGTV’s depiction of the episode, named Drew Barrymore’s Astounding Reno Shock, read:

“Hotshot Drew Barrymore approaches Jonathan and Attracted to gift her dearest companion and cosmetics craftsman of 20 years with an extraordinary redesign. Following a few extreme years, Drew conveys a dynamite home makeover fit for the following section of her companion’s life.”

This week on Superstar IOU, Drew uncovered that her companion Debra had been there for her for the beyond 20 years and, surprisingly, upheld her during her separation and changed life conditions.

Barrymore further added that Debra as of late went through a separation herself and needed to battle a ton for her home, which has not been worked upon since it was bought.

She additionally paraded her new tattoo, which read, “Home is where we are.”

The Superstar IOU has viewed the house as exceptionally open yet deficient with regards to some capacity. They additionally could have done without the cracked tiles and supplanted them with some light hardfloor ones. They fabricated an island with dark tiles in the kitchen and supplanted the racks. The property brothers had five weeks to finish redesigns and extend the external deck.

Debra cherished the progressions and said that it “outperformed all assumptions.”

VIP IOU airs on HGTV each Monday at 9 pm ET. The show highlights twin brothers and remodel specialists Drew and Jonathan Scott assisting big names with changing the places of their friends and family.

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