“YouTuber” Oompaville Is Dating His Girlfriend, Shyane Cook – Who Is She?

26-year-old Caleb Hunter Phelps, first-class acknowledged on line as Oompaville (or Papa Oompsie), become born on August 29, 1996.

He is a YouTuber from the USA who uploads movies of himself reacting to memes, looking Twitch videos, using Omegle, and discussing drama on YouTube and hot subjects within the information. Before May 31, 2019, he was once known for making gaming motion pictures, however he has considering the fact that deleted them.

Now, he especially uploads himself reacting to memes; but, he nevertheless every so often uploads himself gambling video games. He released his first video on May 31, 2019. Even preceding movies that he has uploaded are now private.

He enjoys wacky animations from web sites and tv shows like Actually Happened and Share My Story.

“YouTuber” Oompaville Is Dating His Girlfriend, Shyane Cook Shyane Cook, who first gained prominence as Oompaville’s lady friend, does not have lots social media presence.

The maximum recognised about the girl is that she is dating or relationship Oompaville for a large portion of his lifestyles. There is a lot of misunderstanding round their courting because she has now not regarded in his films for a 12 months or so.

There used to be a time whilst she would regularly appear in his films, and he even made some videos that have been explicitly approximately her or revolved round her.

Some of his most famous motion pictures are about or characteristic his girlfriend. The most a success video featuring her has surpassed over 1,000,000 perspectives. However, these films are either a 12 months or years vintage. He hasn’t published any video containing her for over a yr now.

The closing video he had with something associated with a “girlfriend” changed into a video referred to as pranking my lady friend he launched ten months in the past, and the lady friend inside the video turned into regarding one of the movies he was reacting to.

Cook has additionally decreased her social media usage when you consider that their dating became public, as her Twitter web page has not had any pastime seen on it on the grounds that 2017.

She has had the web page for over a 12 months due to the fact she started out it in April 2016.

They had been nevertheless courting a great deal longer than the lively Twitter page, and she or he may have closed it for different motives.

Oompaville and Shyane Cook’s Age Difference The Youtuber Oompaville and his girlfriend, or more specifically ex-girlfriend, Shyane Cook, appear to be the identical age.

As said above, Oompaville is 26 years old, born on August 29, 1996. Cook’s genuine age and date of delivery are unknown, so it is not possible to peer if there is any age difference between them.

In all of the videos, even though, they appear to be a similar age, and there has been no indication of a substantial age distinction. If there is an age distinction, one can not imagine it being greater than a 12 months or .

There has been some indication that the two are the same age because diverse assets kingdom that Cook and Oompaville dated from age 15.

The official Youtube fandom wiki below Personal Life states that Oompaville changed into in a long-lasting courting from the age of 15 till July twenty fifth, 2022. The timeline fits his dating with Cook, as she had stopped acting on his motion pictures more than one months earlier than this intended end.

So, what can be conjectured is that someday after the last time Cook appeared in his films, she and Oompaville had a courting difficulty that couldn’t be constant, sooner or later main to their split.

However, much to Oompaville’s credit score, he failed to mine this tragedy for content material and just let it lie with dignity, for which he deserves some respect. More frequently than no longer, Youtubers are more than glad to take matters that happen to them in their non-public lifestyles and exaggerate them for views, however no longer Oompaville.

What Is Oompaville’s Relationship Status? YouTuber Oompaville is unmarried by all extents, but there had been rumblings that he’s courting his editor, Tara.

There isn’t loads recognised approximately Tara or how lengthy she has been with or running for Oompaville, however she has been showing up in his movies a lot nowadays.

Since then, she has regarded in seven extra motion pictures, with the maximum latest one being uploaded only a month earlier than the writing of this text. Most of the motion pictures they make collectively revolve round each reacting to motion pictures, commonly shorts and Tiktoks.

One of the various reasons why humans suppose she has end up his female friend is that those are the identical sorts of videos that Oompaville made with Shyane Cook.

Many humans on Oompaville’s subreddit have began questioning if they may be dating.

In the comments phase, too, many humans have observed that they take a look at every different greater than buddies commonly do. However, these are all conjectures, and neither Oompaville nor Tara have stated anything about every different courting.

Although Oompaville hasn’t cited or posted any motion pictures or pics of Tara or them in any relationship-like, intimate postures, Tara has published many snap shots of her with Oompaville, which makes it seem that they’re relationship.

Of course, none of these pictures are too suggestive or intimate, but just enough to make Oompaville’s lovers assume there is some thing going on among them.

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