“You’ve done so well”: Former NMIXX member Jinni’s tutor praises the idol for taking the tough idol road

A reassuring message from the previous educator of NMIXX’s ex-part Jinni has been doing the rounds on Twitter. The instructor posted different photographs of Jinni from her primary school days alongside an inspiring message.

Twitter account @nmixxpics_ posted the screen capture subsequent to redacting the instructor’s Instagram username. The post earned a ton of consideration online as fans examined the explanations for Jinni leaving JYP Diversion and the gathering.

In the post, the previous K-pop symbol’s educator commended her for giving her all. They additionally referenced her diligent effort, discussing how Jinni would head out back and forth among Busan and Seoul to accomplish her fantasies:

“Truly, your diligent effort won’t ever deceive you. It is on the grounds that you did your best that you can openly allow all that to do with practically no second thoughts. You’ve done so all things considered, Yoon Jin, going this way and that from Busan and Seoul as a fifth grader to satisfy your fantasies.” (interpretation through Koreaboo)
The coach added that they were pleased with her and confided in her in settling on the best choice. They additionally referenced Jinni’s rudimentary colleague who as of late turned into a symbol, and shared that maybe the NMIXX part had given the twirly doo to her.

2022 was an extreme year for K-pop fans as insight about individuals leaving icon gatherings or potentially becoming involved with contentions hit them persistently. One of these was the unexpected declaration of Jinni leaving NMIXX and JYP Amusement on December 8, 2022, subsequent to appearing that very year in February. The assertion just referenced “individual conditions” as the explanation for the symbol’s flight.

In spite of the part’s leave, fan represents Jinni keep on working on Twitter. They post any data they go over and keep different fans refreshed on Jinni’s whereabouts. One such record as of late found the female icon’s previous guide posting an endearing message commending her openly. According to interpretation by means of Koreaboo:

“You ridiculously did so all things considered, you’re praiseworthy and astounding, and you did so well! I’m just now saying this freely. Very much like you said in light of the fact that you gave your all without laments, how might you at any point respond? I trust you.”

The coach even added that they were pleased to see the previous NMIXX part and her companion, who was uncovered to be Fifty’s Saena, get extraordinary things done. The mentor composed (according to interpretation by means of Koreaboo):

“Furthermore, would it be a good idea for us to begin by praising your companion, who will convey the twirly doo and beginning her new life as a symbol? Seeing the marvels that you both have achieved makes me think about you all frequently… Now that I think about it, I understand the individual that ought to be grateful is me. Much obliged to you for the cool recollections we made together. I love my children! I will likewise give a valiant effort, ^^”
Furthermore, fans even found a clasp in which Fifty’s Saena referenced Jinni. She shared that the previous NMIXX part was getting along admirably and that they were still in touch.

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