Yukihiro Takahashi death: Tributes pour in as Yellow Magic Orchestra co-founder dies aged 70

Yukihiro Takahashi, the compelling artist, drummer, performer, and style fashioner died at 70 years old, on January 11, 2023. The prime supporter of Yellow Sorcery Ensemble was determined to have a cerebrum growth in 2020 and made customary emergency clinic visits during his restoration following a medical procedure.

As per Takahashi’s administration, the artist was recovering at his home in Karzuizawa, Nagano Prefecture, since November 2022. Be that as it may, he got pneumonia toward the beginning of January, prompting further crumbling of his condition, per the Japanese distribution Sponichi.

Takahashi died because of yearning pneumonia, which was brought about by his mind condition.

Yukihiro Takahashi was born in Tokyo in 1952. He launched his vocation as a performer while he was still in secondary school. The craftsman was propelled by his more seasoned brother, Nobuyuki, and figured out how to drum close by school artists while still in middle school.

At 16 years old, he started working expertly as a studio performer, and during the 1970s, subsequent to performing for the Perverted Mika Band, he started to procure far and wide acknowledgment in Japan. After the gathering disbanded, Yukihiro Takahashi delivered his 1977 independent collection, Saravah!, which was created by Ryuichi Sakamoto.

In 1978, Yukihiro Takahashi and Sakamoto were recruited by Haruomi Hosono to record his collection, Paraiso, which was credited to Hosono and the Yellow Enchantment Band. The three craftsmen likewise formally framed the Yellow Enchantment Ensemble that very year.

Given his prominence and scope of work, Twitter was brimming with accolades when the insight about Takahashi’s passing became known.

Yellow Wizardry Ensemble rose to conspicuousness with their collection Yellow Sorcery Symphony, a notable illustration of the synthpop sort that integrates PC innovation, synthesizers, and computer game sounds.

The collection’s unmistakable quality is shown by the way that it entered both the Bulletin 200 and Board R&B Collections diagrams.

“I never envisioned that music from the ’70s in Japan and city pop, which I have almost no association with, would get famous in the U.S. I likewise feel that it’s a little odd that my music and music from [others like] Akiko Yano and Haruomi Hosono is all being ordered as city pop.” He further added, noticing:

“During the ’70s, Japanese artists were being impacted by combination and pop from the west. Japanese artists are for the most part extremely specialized, and however they attempt to emulate western music, it generally wound up sounding exceptionally Japanese, including the vocals. Individuals from the west presently paying attention to those records, presumably find a kitsch request in them.”

Yukihiro Takahashi delivered 7 collections with Yellow Music Symphony and 23 unique collections as an independent craftsman. His latest work was 2013’s Life Over again.

Aside from his performance vocation, Takahashi additionally played in The Hipsters with Keiichi Suzuki, Sketch Show with Hosono, and Pupa with Tomoyo Harada and Hiroshi Takano, among others.

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